10 Things You Experience While Working In A New City


You get a good job in a new city and it all is very exciting for you. You land in the new city; take in its sights and sounds and smells and suddenly; it hits you, you are not at home… Here’s taking a look at 10 things you experience while working in a new city.

1. Homesick? Mutual feeling, honey.

Despite the innumerable support we get from friends and colleagues, we tend to miss home made food and sibling fights.


2. You feel like you have no support system.

Dad connects you to local relatives, you have your friends traced in several areas; and yet you feel lost. You tend to become resilient, because if something happens, you realize you might be all on your own.


3. You are bound to compare and judge everything with the previous city.

Statements like ‘why is the traffic so awful?’ and ‘why are the people so rude?’ are a common thing now.



4. You miss the local food that has been satiating your taste buds since as long as you can remember.

Be it a transition from Pav Bhaji to Dosa, or Mishti Doyi to Dal Baati; change is inevitable and painful.

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5. Your office back home.

Whether it is the familiar cafeteria or the creepy oldie or your crush; you miss all that.

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6. You receive stern glares when you do not know the local lingo.

Seri Macha! Chal Bheedu. Arrey Laundey. Hatt Saaley. Sare Anna!

Each place has a slang ethnic to it. So going all ‘What the hell, man?’ is a strict NO-NO, unless you want a thousand people gaping at you.



7. Your head always messes up with directions and street names.

No matter how many maps you brood over or street names you memorize, you will always find yourself in the wrong place, ALWAYS.



8.  You have the chance to rebuild your identity.

From scratch. You could have been anything, but people don’t know who you are, where you are from; so, you can put your best foot forward and show them the person you wish to be.

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9. Eventually, you kinda start to enjoy exploring the new city.

From the amazing restaurants to the ultra new night life, it all seems to sink in now; and you get the hang of it.

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10. And now, you dread the thought of returning home to pressures and responsibilities.

You have fallen in love with this new place – the sights, the sounds, the smells, the energy. More importantly, you love the YOU that lives here.

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