25 Saracastic reasons to hate Andhra Pradesh


Yes, Andhra Pradesh is deeply an annoying place. Snobbish people, potpourri of black money and creepy political dominance.The government sucks, the rent is too much and people can’t wait to exchange blows.

So, here is why no one would never want to stay in this awful state Andhra Pradesh.

1. The government is lethargic and useless.

e cabinet chandrababu naidu

From the e-Cabinet meetings to the Sun Rise Startup Village, the government has left the public in shackles.

2. Train journeys are so boring. The views are pathetic.

araku trainSource: Flickr

3. This place lacks adventure.

Vizag underwaterSource: Meetup

4. No Handicrafts. Absolutely none.

handicraftsSource: Wikimedia

I mean really, who talks about Lepakshi? C’mon!

5. Its cultural diversity is zero.

dhyana buddhaSource: Wikimedia

I mean, Buddhism is prevalent here.

And Dalai Lama himself came down to inaugurate the tallest Dhyan Buddha statue. But who cares?


6. Do you have a thing for archaeology? Then, this is definitely not the place for you.


There are no caves here! Let’s just forget about the Belum Caves, Borra Caves, Undavalli Caves and all others, okay.

There are no forts either. Yes, we have the Kondapalli Fort, but whatever.


7. The roads are the worst in the world. 


Too many potholes. Riders have a tough time. Meh.

8. It is soooooo goddamn hot. No respite to the scorching heat – ANYWHERE!

280401921_2854b67ab0_oSource: Flickr

I’ve turned a blind eye to Araku, Ananthagiri Hills and Horsley Hills. They are not even worth a single penny.

9. There are absolutely no canals, no lakes – Water Transport is totally neglected.


Yes, I do know that Andhra Pradesh bagged the prestigious “National Water Ways Project” from the Central Government. But we did NOT hear that, okay? Shh!


10. Why is the state so dirty? It suffocates me.


I mean, look at this picture. Is this how it is meant to be?


11. No role models. ZERO!



Is there even a single successful person of Telugu origin?


12. I am serious. No person from this state has ever been even remotely close to ‘success’.


Image of Koneru Humpy. No, she is nothing great!


13. There is nothing even barely edible here!



14. Not even the seafood.



15. Solar Power Projects. Nuclear Projects. Wind Mill Projects. NOTHING!


Yes, I did hear that the AP Government successfully bagged the Central Government’s Nuclear Fuel Complex Project, despite stiff opposition from Karnataka, Maharashtra and other counterparts. But I think it is just a rumour.

16. Entrepreneurship is in the loop of Apocalypse. Absolutely no start-ups.


I presume we lack the innovative gene.

I know we have Ramoji group, ,Air Costa, GMR, LEPL; but all these companies have such meagre turnovers; and they are not even renowned. C’mon!

Okay, so this is Yuvraj Singh, with the Delhi DareDevils Jersey, and I can see something written on the top left.


17. No one in this state has contributed to the country in any way.

pingali venkayyaSourcegoogle images

Okay, so this humble man named “Pingalli Venkaiah” designed our National Flag. But how does it matter?

18. The Cinema Industry (TOLLYWOOD) is acknowledged nowhere!


Did I hear someone say that the 2012 CBFC report states that the industry is placed second in India, in terms of films produced yearly?

Or that contemporary films like Dookudu and Eega (dubbed as “Makkhi” in Hindi) have grossed more than 100 crore rupees worldwide?

Or that the 2015 film, “Baahubali” is touted as the most expensive Indian film till date; and was also featured in a BBC documentary?

I guess I did not.

19. No one is religious or spiritual here.


Who goes to Tirupati anyway?

20. The people here are too busy to rebel against the rotting society.

longest-indian-flag-in-vizag4SourceRed Vizag


21. The state does not believe in festivals and celebrations.


22. The state’s traditional clothes are dated and “out-of-fashion”.

Trisha in SareeSourcehttp://waytophoto.blogspot.com

23. No sight seeing spots. What can youngsters do?

araku valley trekkingSourceduraimurugan.com

24. Nights are so desolate and creepy.

novotel-vishakhapatnamSource: Tripadvisor

25. Honestly, why would any mortal wish to live in a place like this?

Araku valleySource: Flickr

Now scroll up looking at the Images.  So yes, you must visit Andhra Pradesh some time.

Guess what You will fall in LOVE with it.