Weird things for sale on the internet


Online stores have provided a platform for people to buy and sell products over the years, used items of late. Selling used products is one thing, but trying to sell the below items is a whole new different thing altogether.

1. A lucky 1000 rupee note, money for money?

Believe in luck? If you do, you might be interested in this offer which is totally designed to rip one off.

Screenshot (73)Sourcequickr

2. Pure cow dung cakes for sale, at a steal price.

At just 40 rupees a piece, no need to run behind the cow now.

Screenshot (81)Sourceamazon


3. Looks like you can lose weight and you lose your wife for free.

Looks like the advertiser is an expert on liposuction amongst  other talents.

Screenshot (74)Sourcequickr

4. A film’s script. Get ready for the Nandi award!

Yup, you read it right, a-Cannes-festival-worthy script is just sitting idle waiting to be bought priced at just INR 40,0000.


5. An autorikshaw with a driver.

Pretty sure you can’t put  yourself up for sale online but then again, I may be wrong. Here’s an advertisement we found online of a person trying to sell himself and his autorikshaw.


6. Imported wife for sale, with benefits and warranty.

This is hilarious. No words at all.


7. A love spell which even Harry Potter couldn’t conjure.

Bruce almighty couldn’t mess with free will, but a spell-caster in India can, or at least his advertisement says so.

Screenshot (77)Sourcequickr

8. High yielding cows.

That description though.

Screenshot (78)Sourcequickr

9. A cock and hen for sale at just 3K.

For a totally reasonable price of 3K, you can get your hands on your very own cock and hen.

Screenshot (79)Sourcequikr

10.  An air conditioned Jockey inner wear, with air conditioning facility.

First time I’m hearing about an air conditioned used inner wear. Whoever buys this please do contact us, we’d like to get to know you.

11. A freshly built roadside stall.

Yes, it’s fresh.

Screenshot (80)


12. The radio from the bolllywood blockbuster movie PK

So apparently the radio used in the movie ‘PK’ is actually a transistor, and is up for sale at just 35 lakh rupees.


Please feel free to comment if you know some more weird and funny items for sale on internet.