smriti Irani

Watch: Smriti Irani makes a Comeback at Rajya Sabha


Smriti Irani addressing the Rajya Sabha:

Smriti Irani, the central minister for HRD has been the subject of much criticism ever since the UoH student Rohit Vemula committed suicide in January. On Wednesday, she addressed the Lok Sabha over the issue and highlighted how the opposition parties are using the young lad’s death for their own political gains and how they are targeting her saying she and her department are responsible for his death.

Yesterday evening, she addressed the Rajya Sabha over the same issue and gave a major comeback to whoever were targeting her. Earlier, a quote from Shakespeare’s MacBeth – Fair is foul and foul is fair – was used against her by members of the communist party. Yesterday in the Rajya Sabha, Smriti used the same quote to make a comeback and defend herself.

“People have been saying many things about me and saying how I am being foul. They’re also saying I am not educated and a lot more things which they don’t actually know about me. But one thing that they really don’t know is the fact that I am in touch with Rohit’s mother personally. I have spoken to her and we are extending our support to her,” said Smriti.

She also read a note written by Rohit, months before his death; in which he is seen criticizing certain communist party leaders and that drew uproar from the opposition parties; who created a ruckus; resulting in the house being adjourned till today.