Watch: Narendra Modi gives to back to Rahul Gandhi


Speaking in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi used wit and barbs as he responded to the attack by Congress over various initiatives of his government. His comeback to Rahul Gandhi using quotes by Nehru, Indira and Rajiv is one thing you don’t want to miss.

Watch the full video here:

Without naming Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister appeared to be responding to his Wednesday’s remark that he should listen to others. “It is easy to preach others … There are some people to whom all kinds of questions are asked. But there are some others, to whom nobody dares to ask questions,” he said. “I have been questioned, I have faced criticism and accusations over last 14 years. I have learnt to live with it,” added Modi, referring to the accusations directed at him in the aftermath of Gujarat riots of 2002.