This 4K video of Vizag City is just Amazing.


Have you ever been to Visakhpatnam, the city of Destiny? Well you are about to witness the most amazing 4K ultra HD trip to Vizag, the largest city in Andhra Pradesh. Located on the coast of Bay of Bengal, this place is aesthetically important in India. You will come to know about it once you feel the richness of this place in this brilliantly made video. You will be able to virtually travel through this place, which is one of the most underrated cities in India.

Vipresh has put up this video on the YouTube Channel to capture the stunning beauty of Visakhapatnam shot on a DJI Phantom 3 Professional. It is nothing but amazing to see the waves lashing near the eight beaches in this southeast India port city. The hilltop parks and the fragrant coffee plantation in valleys.Flock of white birds hovering over nature preserve, caverns and wildlife sanctuaries.

Visakhpatnam has abundance of beauty, all those travel junkies out there, you know which place should be next on your list to visit this year, right? Watch the video below.

It owns the credit of having the oldest shipyard in India and it houses natural harbor that is one of its kind on the Indian east coast. With its location contributing to the picturesque landscapes of the city, its rich cultural past adds immense value to its name. If you look for a destination that would keep your spirits soaring with natural beauties and manmade wonders, Visakhapatnam, popularly known as Vizag is the right place.