Vizag Initiates The Country’s First Scientific e-Waste Disposal System


Visakhapatnam is the fifth cleanest city in the country and now, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation has added another feather to its cap; having initiated a first-of-its-kind scientific e-waste disposal in the city.

Disposal of e-waste is an environmental hazard if not done properly. The present way of salvaging e-waste is very crude and unscientific; wires are burnt in the open for copper and washed with acids that find their way into the sea leading to pollution.

Partnering with Green Waves Environmental Solutions, GVMC has launched e-waste collection in Vizag which includes parts or all of used cell phones and computers and old components/computer systems. The firm has already set up wooden bins at GVMC, APPCB, Divi’s Laboratories, Panchavati Colony and two at Dream Valley Apartments at Muralinagar.

The bins will soon be installed at KGH and in some of the municipal offices and education institutions also.

“Each of the bins will have two keys. One with us and another with the owners of the premises so that even if anyone drops some component by mistake they can take it back. Once the bin is full we will collect it and transport to our unit at Mindi,” says Mr. Anil of Green Waves.

Plastic, iron, glass and copper are salvaged in a closed environment at the dismantling unit at Mindi, an industrial area. The motherboard and other equipment are sent to licensed recyclers.