14 Things you can relate to If you are From a typical Telugu family.


1. Peddha bala siksha.

peda balasikshaSourcewww.eveninghour.com
Your childhood would’ve definitely been dominated by this book that contains the code of conduct!

2. Balapam – Palaka-balapam.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASourcehttp://s129.photobucket.com

Chalk? Who eats chalk? Hmph.
Yes yes. We know your secret.
You would’ve eaten it at least once in your entire childhood!

3. Chandamama.

The monthly edition of chandamama that we all eagerly waited for!

4. The TTD Calendar in every home.

TTD calanderSourcehttp://andhra-telugu.com
Come on. A typical telugu house without a Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Calendar? No way! It’s a must.

5. The Uppu muta we loved as kids.

If you were especially the younger sibling, you would’ve definitely enjoyed those piggy back rides! (Sorry we’re too cool to call it that. Uppu muta, it is)

6. Muddha pappu + aavakaya + neyyi!

mudda pappuSourcehttp://www.sailusfood.com
The infamous combination! So simple, yet so so so yummy! No summer passes by without hogging on this combo!

7. Toddlers call God “Jeja” and “Chaami” (for swamy) _/\_


God? Who’s god? We make all the babies say “Jeja” & “Chaamiii”.

8. The delicious Paanakam on Sri Rama Navami.

Be it a festival or a puja, paanakam is the most awaited !

9. Eenadu Sunday magazine!

eenadu magSourcehttps://itunes.apple.com
Long before the internet made us its slaves, one of the very much fun things we did as kids was having to wait for the eenadu Sunday edition and quickly flipping the pages to the kids section! Bugudu, spot the differences, g.k quiz and what not!

10. When you hear the “Usha Kiranaluuuuu” Song, you could be sure that your Grand Mother occupied the TV and you missed your WWF and WCW.


(You know what’s gonna happen when you see a bright orange sun rise on screen! “Eee ushaa kiranalu” ……….and the series of serials that follow. Chakravakam right at the time od Dragon Ball Z, Antarangalu clashes with Pokemon and what not our grandmoms, mothers and aunts used to watch!

11. The Ugadi pacchadi we all ran away from.

Sailu's kitchenSourcehttp://www.ishafoundation.org

New year! New start! And desperately waiting for the yummy ugadi pacchadi and getting the kick of every flavour our tongues can sense!)

12. That “Dishti chukka” we used to see on babies.


Dishti chukkas on babies the size of a planet! Maybe in mom language it means bigger the chukka, stronger is the power to block the evil eye! 😛 And oh! Not to forget the slight dab of powder on it! Hell!!!

13. The Coverception.


Moms are known for putting polythene cover inside another cover and another cover and another one and dont throw them away for future use! Yes. We call it a cover.

14. Those multipurpose jam/boost/horlicks bottles.


All kinds of uppulu and pappulu you will find in the empty and used glass jars and plastic malt bottles!