9 Things we all experienced when Andhra Pradesh was divided.


There was plethora of emotions flowing through people. We felt sad that there was distance growing and we felt happy we won what was belonging to us for a long while. So, here are 9 things we all faced when the state has bifurcated.


1. Bandhs, Bandhs and Bandhs all over.

BandhSource: Delhi Daily News

All the schools, colleges, workplaces were declared bandhs over the state bifurcation. There were lonely roads, protests and dharnas.


2. This literally broke our hearts.


Now Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have different state RTC buses.


3. We all had the fear of roaming charges, didn’t we?


Roaming charges in the same state, whom are you kidding? Aha, wait. It’s Andhra Pradesh and Telangana now. Not the same state.


4. The pride of victory, after years of fighting for an independent state.


This has been experienced by all the Telangana people. The joy of winning their own state couldn’t be expressed in words.


5. Now there are two exams you are gonna give every year. AP-EAMCET and TS-EAMCET.


EAMCET has been the only gate to enter engineering and medicine colleges for Andhra Pradesh people. But now, my friend, you got to give two entrance exams. *Opens biology textbook and starts reading*


6. The non-locals tag.


Students who are applying for colleges from Andhra Pradesh in Telangana are non locals and vice versa. They have limited seats. No, not fair.


7. The hope of forming new Andhra Pradesh, expectations rose high.

new stateSource: Nature India Tours

New hope, new transformation, everything felt so new.


8. Whenever someone mentions about the Andhra Pradesh’s new Capital, everyone has only one name in mind. BEZAWADA.

VijayawadaSource: Sarath Kuchi

The one and only Bezawada, the blazewada.

9. Telangana or Andhra Pradesh, we always have that family like feeling.

cbn kcrSource: NDTV

Everybody was like “Enthaina mana andaridi Telugu raktham”  Saying we are brothers not matter what

It’s been a year since everything has happened; despite the bifurcation of the state Telugu people will always be united.

If you have experienced any situations similar to these, comment down below.

Southie: Priyanka Kolluru.