12 Things all Hyderabadis can relate to.


1. Maamu is a word, Bhai is a feeling.


The Bhai-ship is real!
“New here? Well, a new member to our bhai gang

2. The Gaali ki kahani.

i dont always

My best friend name? It starts something like “Saale BC” 😛

3. There is only one god and his name is Biryani!


“Party?? Then its certainly Biryani time”

4. The Hyderabadi Slang.

hyderabadi slangSource

You don’t need any further explanation, do yo?

5. Arey, Tension Kya hota hai bhai?


6. Friends? No, it’s a family.

vin diesel

“Dekh bhai, tera mera nahi. Hum sabka hai”

7. The Galli specials.


You may fail to know about the whereabouts of a multiplex but surely not about a galli mirchi and chinese stalls.

8. Tollywood, Hamara Imaan hai.

A new movie? First day, first show!

9. The serenity of this place.

Buddha Statue Facts

A long drive to this place is worth a billion dollar.

10. You mean best snack?

Irani chai osmania biscuitsSourceYoutube

No matter how expensive the food is, it comes no match to this Irachi chai and Osmania biscuits.

11. There are no Hindu and Muslim when it comes to festivals. There’s only Hyderabadis.


12. The best dance floor is the one at Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ganesh chaturthiSourceFlickr

Southie: Advaitha Narmada.