10 Important Pilgrimage Centres through River Godavari you should visit during Pushkaralu.


Godavari is the second largest river in India after River Ganges and also most happening place for rituals after River Ganges too.

For example: If Haridwar is the “Kumbh-mela” of North..,

then Nashik is the “Khumbh-mela” of the South..and many other stuff happening in other places too.

As The “Godavari Pushkaralu” are here,

We proudly present you the “Important Pilgrimage Centres through River Godavari”.

1. Triambakeshwar

One of the ‘Jyotirlingas’ present all over India.


This place is located on Banks of Godavari and in heavenly city of Nashik, Maharashtra.

2. Saint Jaganade Maharaj Temple

It is located in this very place of Paithan, Maharashtra.



He was a Varkari, a vaishnav devotee of Lord Vitthala, who is supreme Lord Krishna Himself appearing as the King of Dwarka.

3. Sinhasta Kumbh Mela

The most Happening place on the banks of River Godavari after River Ganges located in Nashik, Maharashtra.


Get your sacred dip..!

4. Sri Kaleswara Mukhteswara Swamy Temple

This Temple is situated here on the banks of Triveni Sangamam of Rivers Godavari and Pranahita in Kaleshwaram, Telangana.


Don’t miss this “Dakshina Gangotri”.

5. Takht Sri Hazur Saheb

Located in Nanded, Maharashtra.

Hazur SahibSourceWiki

One of the five most sacred places in Sikhism located on this river.

6. Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple

Located in Dharmapuri, Telangana.

DharmapuriSourceVedic temples

Godavari flows from North to South in Dharmapuri,

Hence the River is locally called ‘Dakshina Vahini’ (South Flowing).

7. Sri Rama Temple

This temple is the place where Lord Ram along with Sita and Lakshamana stayed for long time during their exile.


It is in Bhadrachalam, Telangana.

8. Sri Uma Markandeyswara Swamy Temple

Ac cording to the recitals, a Muni called Mrukhanada dedicated for Meditation with an object of getting children and Lord Siva gave Varam at the choice of Muni to select a Baby having no husband throughout her life or a Boy surviving 11 years for a sprit of devotion and pious personality.

Markandeya TempleSourceBlog

Located in the Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.

9. Sri Narasimhakshetra

Located on the banks of Godavadri of the beautiful temple place Antarvedi, Andhra Pradesh.


10. Sri Gnana Saraswati Devi Temple.

This temple is located in Basara,Adilabad District, Telangana.

Basara HillSourceFlickr

It is considered very holy place by Hindus as “Chaduvula Talli” or “Goddess of Education”.


Move through these spiritual places for this Pushakaralu Pilgrimage.!!