Tech Savvy AP CM Admonishes His Party Leaders For Not Using The iPads Given To Them By Government


The world is now being run on technology and the need has become important now, even in the matters of the functioning of a government. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu is one such person who is always willing to lead by example with his extremely efficient methods and rules.

As part of training classes on the importance of technology and its implementation for the party, TDP president and AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu strictly condemned the MLAs and constituency in-charges who failed to bring their government-gifted iPads to the meeting and asked them whether they had been given the gadgets for their children to play with. He said no one would leave the training classes till they pass the exams being conducted on technology. After two months of hectic schedule, the CM is spending three days with core party leaders, MPs, MLAs and constituency in- charges.

The Chief Minister wanted all core members of the party to make use and adopt the technologies being used by him exclusively. In this regard, he instructed all the members to get their iPads for the 3-day training session and was disappointed on learning that 70 percent didn’t follow his instructions.

He urged the leaders to change their attitude towards technology, at least by watching him carry his iPad and smartphones everywhere. He told party members that they had to participate actively all three days in computer labs, group discussions and power point presentations.