Sushma Swaraj Won The Internet And Many Hearts With This Touching Tweet


Yet again, Sushma Swaraj proved it that she is a ‘Supermom’ for India. Though she shamed Pakistan recently at the UN General Assembly and gave a stinging response to the country’s Kashmir rhetoric, she assured that 19 Pakistani girls, whom she called her daughters, reach home safe and sound.

As the Indo-Pak ties continue to shatter to an all-time low with escalating tensions along the LoC, this friendly gesture by our external affairs minister has won many a hearts on the other side of the border.

Last week, when a group of girls from Pakistan arrived in New Delhi shortly before India’s surgical strikes in POK, Swaraj ensured that they reach home safely amid heightened tension along the border. Why? Because daughters belong to all, despite and beyond our borders, she said.

One of the girls Aliya Harir also tweeted on how overwhelmed the girls were by the Indian hospitality, Sushma replied, “I was concerned about your well being because daughters belong to us all.” Aliya also tweeted saying it is a matter of pride for her to be considered Swaraj’s daughter. In another tweet, she said, “In India, they treat guests like God”.

The nation is always proud of Sushma ji, under any circumstances!