stereotypes on south indians

10 Big Time Stereotypes on South Indians. Break them now!


Are you a Madrasi!!?”, this is a general question faced by the people who happen to belong to one of the four southern states. Most often heard while doing the introductions.

As a person who spent half a decade in North India, this is something that greatly annoys me. What is so offensive about being called a “Madrasi”, one might ask. Well, the word itself isn’t offensive but what people correspond to this word is offensive and it reeks of ignorance and stereotypes.

Some of the common stereotypes on South Indians:

1. All South Indians are Madrasi’s.


5 states, 6 languages,  252,621,765 population and all you know are the Madarasis? Well, somebody needs to exercise their G.K skills and start knowing the difference.


2. All the South Indians are toppers and all know is to study.

stereotypes on south indians

This happens to be one of the most common stereotypes on south Indians. And the last time we checked on Sarthak Agarwal (CBSE Board topper), he wasn’t from South India.


3. South Indian’s are generally vegetarians.

stereotypes on south indians

And still me happen to make the best “Biryani” in the world! True, isn’t it?


4. Too traditional and conservative.

Shit Shit ShitSourceBuzzfeed


Now, this is the one of the stereotypes on south Indians where people often confuse themselves. We are not conservative, it’s just that we like talk less of bullshit. And also Bangalore and Hyderabad happen to be one of the most modern and fashionable cities in India.


5. Eat only Idly, Dosa and Sambar.


Well, you forgot to mention Rice here. And by the way in most of the restaurants and dhabas, these Idly, Dosa and Sambar are served the most in breakfast. Didn’t you know that?


6. All South Indians know Bharatnatyam.

hulk thorSourceGiphy


And we surely know this too!


7. All wear Lungi’s in their houses.

stereotypes on south indians

 Only as true as every North Indian Chews Gutka, Pan and carry red teeth.


8. Rajini is their only hero.


As true as Amitabh Bachchan is the only North Indian hero.


9. South Indians are dark skinned people

stereotypes on south indians

Huh? Gosh these stereotypes! Have you even payed a visit to South India.


10. They all make senseless commercial films all the time.

stereotypes on south indians

Oh yes and the latest one was the India’s Biggest Cinema ever. It broke all the Indian Cinema Records. How about that?

So, these happen to be the most common stereotypes on south Indians. Which one these have you encountered?

Southie: Sai Charan.