16 things that only Start Up Folks can Relate to.



1. Waking up every morning to think how much of a pain your ass your boss is. Wait, you don’t have one !

2. Getting respect from the most unlikeliest of places, regardless of how small your company is.

3. Sleep, or rather the lack of it. We’re used to crazy sleep schedules.

4. The stress of answering to relatives when they ask “ Kanna, in which company do you work?”

5. That sinking feeling of an empty wallet at multiple points during the month.

6. Looking for the most creative ways to make money.

7. Looking to pitch your idea to investors and then getting shredded mercilessly.


8. Meeting people who say they loved your idea but would rather spend their money on something totally pointless.

9. Incessantly marketing your idea to literally everyone you come across.

10. Looking for employees becomes a task in itself.

11. Attending the Start Up conclaves and presenting your Idea like a Boss and feeling like Steve Jobs or maybe Elon Musk for now.

Like a boss

12. Going to office in casuals, sitting on a bean bag for work and all that cool stuff.


13. Gaining a sense of responsibility , and a level of self discipline that would shock most people.

14. Gaining a sense of cool that you have your own company.


15.  Most importantly, being your own boss is a high in itself.  Its all about Building your Dream vs Building Someone else’s Dream.! 


16. When its a success, The feel of presenting your success story before thousands around the Country and the World. 


Hi 5 to the Start Up Folks out there trying to build some cool stuff.!


featured image: Wow Makers.

Image and Gif Source: Giphy