10 Amazing things about South Indian relations.


There is really something special about the south Indian relations. And if you’re brought up in south India you will know it better.

1. Family tree.

south Indian relationsSource: Andhra Bulletin

Accept it or not, South Indian family trees are the best. Trust me, there is not a single house where you cannot find love here!

2. The relatives.

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Trust me, no matter how far you are reated, this is how you get connected. All you will ever know is ‘love’

3. Aunts who care way too much.

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There will always be an aunt who helps and cares for us with her unconditional love. She will insist on helping you even if you don’t need it. Well, some might call it a torture but surely one of the best thing about the south Indian relations.

4. Our Family-Friends.

south Indian relations
When you are friends with your family members and become a family with your friends, then you surely are in South India. It’s matter of love and trust that strengthens this bond which doesn’t happens overnight. And surely the best thing about south Indian relations.

5. The celebrations.

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Be it a marriage function or festival, you start preparing yourself for it before months. Gathering, food, and fun they show the real impact of the celebrations. Every now and then, you feel fortunate to be part of such joyous family. And you have to admit it.

6. Cousins.

south Indian relationsSource: Satya Devineni Photography

Cousins? You guys can never be mad at each other for more than a min here. And your craziness pops out as long as you stay together. It won’t even matter if they are younger or elder to you. For having fun with someone, there isn’t any age limit.


7. Weddings.

south Indian relationsSource: Satya Devineni Photography

There is no fun like hugging people whom you don’t even remember but reintroduce yourself to them once again. And weddings in South India? No less than a World Cup celebration.

8. Critics.

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There are no better critics than our  own family members. You often get rebuked for the mistakes you have done. That’s their way of keeping you away from the unwanted sufferings. And they will be the only ones to help you in your difficult times.

9. Hugs and love.

south Indian relationsSource: Satya Devineni Photography

No matter how old are you, some times all you need is a hug from your family. That love and affection you get is incredible.

10. Sibling’s love.

south Indian relationsSource: Satya Devineni Photography

It doesn’t matter much if you fight with your own siblings. But if someone else even teases them you can’t bare it.


In the end, you are a family and nothing but a promise makes you devotedly stand by each other’s side every single moment. In times you might be mad at them and a few times you might miss them but the feeling of being loved stayed right there. And this what the south Indian relations are about.

Southie: Advaitha Sriramaneni

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