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10 South Indian foods that should replace the banned foods.


In the recent past we saw Nestle’s Maggi being banned by the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The daily consumed snack, since 1982, was declared unsafe after the tests that resulted in presence of Lead and Monosodium glutamate (MSG) to be beyond the admissible limit.

So our intention is to bring you the South Indian food that are homemade and also serve as the fast-food delicacies. These south Indian food are likely to replace those ‘Banned’ foods like Maggi, Haldirams products, etc.


1. Akki Rotte (Karnataka).

Source: Meera Subba Rao

This south Indian food from Karnataka is a thick and flavoured variation of local Andhra’s Ravva dosa. This rice bread serves best with spicy garlic gravy. it packs enough calories to get you through your evening. A tasty and filling evening snack.


2. Bobbattu (Andhra Pradesh).

BobbattuSource: Wiki

A traditional Telugu food made from ghee, bengal gram, lentils and jaggery. The yellow sweet pancake is well served during the Sankranti festival in the Telugu states. This is south Indian food is also made in most part of the countries. Although, the name varies with the stuffing and method of making. You might want to try this sweet pancake and are going to love it.


3. Kothu Parotta (Tamil Nadu).

1200px-Veg_Kothu_Parotta_served_in_Tamil_NaduSource: Wiki

If you ever come across a Tamilian, do ask them about this south Indian food. And they will go on forever describing how good it is. Basically it’s a minced paratha (Indian bread) made with ingredients like spices, vegetables, nuts and an optional choice of meat or egg. That makes it beneficial for both veg and non-vegetarians. It is eaten with a variety of gravies and also sometimes with curd. This is a delicious and brimful snack to be served.


4. Kozhikodan Halwa (Kerala).

Kozhikkodan-HalwaSource: Just Kerala

Named after the city Kozhikode (better known as Calicut), Kozhikodan Halva is one of the most famous south Indian sweet. It is an aggregate of flour, coconut oil, nuts and good amount of sugar with some added flavors. And it is a must to taste cuisine, if you ever happen to visit the city.


5. Mirchi Bajji (Andhra Pradesh).

16164286908_85f1109660_zSource: Flickr

Mirchi Bhajji is a spicy snack popular among the south Indian food. It is covered with Besan, stuffed with long green chillis and is deep fried in oil. This helps in spicing up your taste buds. To make it flavourful and a mouth-watering snack, peanuts, coconut, carom seeds and coriander seeds are added to it. This appetizing south Indian food is popularly known as mirchi bada in Rajasthan, mirapakaya bajji in Andhra Pradesh. And also with various other names like bhajiya, bhaji, bonda, pakora etc.

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6. Muntha Masala (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana).

Muntha Kinda PappuSource: Kamala Rentala

Muntha Masala, popular among the south Indian food, is similar to Bhel puri. Some extra healthy and well-cooked ingredients adds taste to it. It’s a tangy crispy snack which is best served as street food. Who doesn’t love this Puffed rice and lentils put together in a desi mix?


7. Pazham Pori (Kerala/Tamil Nadu).

Arati bajjiSource:  Salt and Spice

Pazham pori, also called Ethakka appam, is famous among the south Indian foods and a favourite snack of Malayalees. It is prepared using the atta flour which coated over the ripe banana and is then deep fried in oil. Best served with tea/ coffee for an evening snack.


8. Chakkidalu (Andhra, Telangana and Tamil Nadu).

ChakinaluSource: Desi Stories

Chakkidalu is a famous south Indian food served as a snack. It is made of urad dal, rice flour, sesame seeds and some other small ingredients. This south Indian snack also goes by the names Sakinalu, Murukulu and Mrukku. Other than spiral, it comes in various other shapes and is a good replacement for Namkeen.


9. Poornalu (Andhra pradesh)

14810220904_64e9211a79_bSource: Flickr

Poornalu, an exclusive Andhra Pradesh snack, is actually a sweet made during the festivals. This sweet dish is stuffed with jaggery mixed with Toor dal, a lentil with high protein. It has ample amounts of fiber and iron which provides you with sufficient calories. Better than a Cadbury chocolate bar.


10. Bisi bele Bath (Karnataka).


Bisi bele bhath is a rice dish popular in Karnataka. It is made of spicy masala, toor dal and mixed vegetables. Also spices like nutmeg and asafoetida, curry leaves and tamarind pulp are used which chips in a unique flavor to the dish.

These are just few out of the 1000’s of amazing South Indian food well served as snacks for your evening calories.
Suggest us more if you know any.

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