Shruti Haasan Redefines The Word ‘Bitch’ In This Hard Hitting Video


Unblushed: Be The Bitch

Bitch. How many women have grown immune to being called a bitch, so much so that people refuse to react? Almost all of us! A woman is a bitch if she doesn’t subscribe to archaic ideas of womanhood. She is a bitch if she lives on her own terms, creates her own rules. In a latest video released by Culture Machine featuring the edgy and honest Shruti Haasan takes on this misrepresented term head on! Released on Culture Machine’s digital channel ‘Blush’, written and narrated by Shruti herself, the video titled ‘Be The Bitch’ explores the otherwise stigma laden term that has come to be associated with women world over when they take a tough stand or say no to something! In this video, not the one to cower when called names or branded under certain labels, Shruti is seen destigmatizing the term ‘bitch’ in the video by representing them as true blue women who are go-getters, strong willed yet vulnerable but never afraid to try harder.