Rushikonda Beach Is Now Closed For Tourists Because Of Erosion


Rushikonda Beach is one of the most popular hangout spots and tourist spots in Visakhapatnam but on Wednesday, the authorities have decided to close down the beach as a precautionary measure; due to coastal erosion.

The marine police have made strict regulations banning people from going to the beach.

“The Vizag beach eroded in 2012 and last year as well. As the present south-west monsoon is active and vigorous, it is abetting the beach erosions by the frequent high tides. We have looked at the photos of erosion of the previous years. It will continue till October spreading to every area,” said VSN Murthy, the principal scientist in-charge of National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) regional centre in the city. He further said that the watch tower at Rushikonda Beach might be affected since it was constructed very close to the beach.

“Now there are long distance swells, bigger than the normal waves, which hit the beach. Other than Bay of Bengal, these waves are also travelling from Antarctica which carry a lot of energy,” he added.