10 Roads That You Must Drive On In South India


A camera, a car, good company, karaoke, a pleasant journey and alluring nature around you.
This is all you need if you need to execute a perfectly planned road trip. These are the 10 roads in South India that you must take if you are looking to power your mental and physical batteries, escaping your daily stress.

1. Chennai to Pondicherry


If you own a cruiser bike and you love traveling, this is the path you should choose in South India. The 140-150KM stretch is a part of the ‘Incredible India’ campaign and the journey is absolutely majestic. For an authentic french feel of Pondicherry, rent a highly affordable guest house at a beach side resort where the beach is a stone away.

2. Bangalore to Bandipur forest


This list doesn’t make sense if this route is not included. This is one of the best trips you will ever have in India. This is one of those ‘Friends in a car with sunroof and karaoke’ trips in the country. Be delighted to spot deer crossing the road while you drive. With a stretch of 235KM and a time span of 5 hours, you can find McDonald’s and Cafe Coffee Day along the route.

3. Pamban Bridge


The 13.5KM stretch in Rameshwaram with water all around you and a soothing breeze scraping through your hair, this 20 minute drive is a must in South India. This bridge connects Pamban on the island of Rameshwaram to Tamil Nadu. If you are a biker, you should take this road.

4. Chennai to Munnar


If the Chennai weather isn’t pleasing and you are looking for a weekend getaway, this is your best bet. This is one of the most refreshing trips you shall ever make in India. The distance is 600KM and it would take you 10 hours including the stops. A perfect pit stop is Tiruchirapalli famous for its Chola history.

5. Bangalore to Ooty


The most used road for all the college students as part of their batch tours is a 266KM stretch and it is best enjoyed if traveled through Mysore. Make a stop at Mysore, enthrall yourself with the ancient history and architecture of Mysore, the cleanest city of India. You can find plenty of eateries along the way including a McDonald’s and Cafe Coffee Day at the same place.

6. Bangalore to Goa


This is the most frequent weekend getaway for college students and IT professionals from Bangalore. Enjoy the serenity of the trip with a mesmerising beauty of the nature around you. A chain of Punjabi Dhabas along the route will just fit in, in this thrilling road journey. The road stretches up to 566KM and is in a very good condition.

7. Bangalore to Nandi Hills


If you live in Bangalore, it is obvious that you will know about this getaway place. Start early in the morning from Bangalore and catch the sunrise and you will not be disappointed. If you are not a morning person, you can still justify your trip by trekking or paragliding at Nandi Hills. With a duration of one hour and a distance of 47KM, make a pit stop at Devanahalli fort.

8. Visakhapatnam to Araku


Visakhapatnam, though underrated in India, it is one of the most beautiful cities in India with Bay of Bengal of Eastern Ghats in its bag. The sudden change in temperature when you are reaching Araku, the famous coffee house, the serene ghat road will totally make you fall in love with the journey. The length is 116KM and you can visit places like Borra caves, Tatipudi reservoir on your way. Make stay at one of the resorts at Ananthagiri or Tyda for a soothing closure to your trip.

9. Hyderabad to Vijayawada


Start off by hitting the Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad, which is evidently one of the best roads in India. You get to maintain a triple digit speed without any stress. Make a refreshment stop at ‘7’ restaurant at Suryapet for the brilliant ambiance and amazing food. The road stretches up to 272KM and you will never feel a bit of stress while you’re on it.

10. Chennai to Yelagiri


Once you complete this road trip from the capital city of Tamil Nadu, be prepared to reward yourself with a majestic experience of driving through orchards, rose gardens, mountains and rolling hills. Cover a distance of 230KM over 5 hours via National Highway 48 and you will cross off a beautiful journey off your bucket list.