How this remote Village with 600 population got connected to the rest of the world because of India’s one of the Youngest MPs.


Boddabada, a village with only 600 population in Ichapuram Constituency at the Andhra-Orissa Border is cast away from Andhra Pradesh state.

People have only one way to enter their state, go to school, reach a hospital, sell their vegetables.

Cross the River !

They are literally disconnected with the world during rainy season where River Flows deep.

Dozens of people have died crossing the river and due to medical emergencies.

India’s one of the Youngest MPs, Ram Mohan Naidu, an MBA grad who returned from US to become MP at age of 27 was moved by the way people have to cross the river to go to school or to reach a hospital in the emergency.

He himself crossed the river along with people to understand how hard it was for them since independence to do that.

Teaming up with the local MLA Ashok who is a doctor and young MLA at age of 32, they decided to deliver what was denied for decades.

Within 4 years, they delivered what they promised.

The bridge on Bahuda River which is 700 Mts long was built at a cost of 9 crores connecting the 600 people of the village to the civilisation.

People crossing bridge across river bahuda for the first time. source:

They are also building an Bus Stop in the last village of Andhra Pradesh State taking development to the last mile.

All these years, people were thinking of 600 votes Vs the Amount of money that had to be spend there in the remotest part of the village.

This move by the Young Team of Politicians is definitely appreciable.

MP Rammohan Naidu and Ichapuram MLA Ashok at the inaugural of Bridge on Bahuda River. source:

Now the children of the village will go to school with dry clothes and the ambulance will reach homes in emergency, the village will have access to the rest of the world on wheels.

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