40 Amazingly Rare Pictures of India in its Early days of Independence.


South Report Presents you the most amazingly Rare Pictures of India from the early days of Independence:

1. A military tank gifted by U.S.S.R to India after independence.

USSR gift to India Diesel Tractor 1952

2. A beautiful landscape in Trivandrum, 1952.

Photo Studio/March 1952, A40gA scene at Trivandrum.

3. Town hall in Bangalore.
town hall in Bangalore

4. A test tube calf at Madhura veternary college.
Test tube calf at madhura veternary college

5. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan at All India Women’s Food Council.

sarvepalli radha krishnan

6. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel arriving by plane at Orissa, 1947.


sardar patel in orissa2

7. People of Orissa greeting Sardar Patel, Orissa, 1947.

sardar patel in orissa

8. Sardar Patel saluting to the Army, Nagpur, 1947.

sardar patel in nagpur

9. The Hon’ble Sardar Patel visited Nagpur in December, 1947.

The Hon'ble Sardar Patel visited Nagpur in December. 1947.

 10. Sardar Patel and family, 1947.

sardar patel and family

11. People Que up to buy Postcards with photos of Mahatma Gandhi printed on it.

postcards with mahatma gandhi


12. Ploughing by elephant, India 1955.

Ploughing by elephant, India 1955

13. People gather at Railway station to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi as the Train Carrying his remains arrives at kanpur station.

People gather at Railway station to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi as the Train Carrying his ashes arrives at kanpur station

14. The Dome of Parliament hall.

Parliament hall

15. Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Kerala.

Photo Studio/march 1952, A04bPadamanabhaswami Temple, Trivandrum.

16. Nehru laying foundation stone for Orissa capital at Bhubaneshwar.

nehru laying foundation stone for orissa capital at bhubaneshwar

17. Nehru being welcomed at Srinagar, Kashmir.

Nehru in srinagar

18. Nehru and  Countess Mountbatten in Simla.


nehru in simla

19. Nehru on his visit to New York City, U.S.A.

nehru in NYC

20. Nehru in Kashmir.

nehru in kashmir

21. A rare picture of Bhakranangal project.

bhakranangal project rare picture

22. The BEST metro train, 1950.

BEST metro train

23. The latest double deck “Best” buses in Bombay, 1952.

Photo Studio/14/2/1952, A41gThe latest double deck “Best” buses in Bombay.

24. Bombay local train introduced in 1952.

Bombay local train introduced in 1952

25. The Municipal Offices Building, Bangalore.

The Municipal Offices Building, Bangalore.

26. The monolithic bull of Chamundi temple , Mysore.

monolithic bull chamundi temple mysore

27. Miss India competitions of 1952.

miss  india 1952

28. People gather to hear Jaipur Maharaja speech with Sardar Patel.


jaipur maharaja speech with sardar aptel

29. Locomotive manufacturing unit.

locomotive manufacturing

30. Men clearing ice on railway track.

men clearing ice on railway track

31. First Jetliner at Delhi Airport.

jetliner at delhi

32. The king of Saudi Visiting India.


king of saudi

33. The Fort Kotah, Rajasthan.

The Fort, Kotah.

34. The Fort Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

The Fort Bharatpur

35. Indian National Airways Flight.

Indian airways

36. A view of Darjeeling.

Photo Studio/July. 55, A47aA view of Darjeeling.

37. A view of the Duplex Street, Pondicherry.


Ph.Studio/Nov.54,A31pA view of the Dupleix Street, Pondicherey.

38. Indian Film Stars posing for a picture. Don’t Miss the Pilot.

Indian actors posing 2

39. Indira gandhi at airport departing to USA with Prime Minister Nehru, 1949.

Indira gandhi at airport


40. Nehru and Indira Gandhi at Niagara falls.

nehru at niagara falls


Image Credits: Govt of India.