12 Interesting facts you should know about Rajahmundry


1. Ancient name – Rajamahendravaram

Rajaraja Narendra Chalukya king RajahmundrySource: Rajahmundry.me

Rajahmundry was first called as ‘Rajamahendravaram’ or ‘Rajamahendri’. This was during the Chalukya Dynasty’s reign. It was named after the Chalukya king Raja Raja Narendra.


2. 6th most populous city.

RajahmundrySource: Flickr

As per 2011 census, Rajahmundry is the 6th most populated city among the cities of both the Telugu states.


3. The longest Rail/Road Bridge in Asia.

Panorama Rajahmundry Rail Cum Road BridgeSource: Wiki

The Kovvuru bridge of Rajahmundry with a length of 4.732 km (4732 mts) is the longest Rail cum Road Bridge in Asia. It is the second longest in the world.


3. First Film Studio of both the telugu states.

Durga CineTone was started in Rajahmundry in 1936. It is the first Telugu studio built in Andhra Pradesh. And is also one of the first 3 studios built in South India.


4. Rajahmundry central jail.

Rajahmundry jailSource: Pintrest

In 1602, the Dutch constructed a fort in Rajahmundry spread over 196 acres with 37.24 acres of buildings. It was later converted to the famous Rajahmundry central Jail in British rule. This is where Ramgopal Varma gets most of his stories from.


5. Birthplace of ancient Telugu Literature.

Aadi kavi Nannayya imageSource: Nannaya University

This city is acclaimed as the birthplace of the Telugu language and its literature. The first poet of telugu ‘Aadi Kavi’ Nannaya is from Rajahmundry itslef. And so are the legendary poets like Tikkana and Yerrana who are collectively called as ‘Kavi Trayam’.


6. The crown of modern Telugu literature.

Kandukuri VeeresalingamSource: City1-Themes

Kandukuri Veeresalingam garu rejuvenated Telugu literature with his acclaimed work on Telugu literature. He was awarded the prestigious ‘Rao Bahaddur’ title.


7. The famous Pootarekulu and Chakkerakeli Banana.

Pootharekulu paper sweets in RajahmundrySource: Wiki

Among all the varieties of banana ‘Chakkerakeli’ has a mouth-watering taste. Pootarekulu or the ‘Paper sweets’ give an appearance of a folded paper. And they surely are tasty. Both of these have its sources from East Godavari and are favourite of the people, both home and abroad.


8. The Dowleswaram Barrage.

Dowleswaram Barrage near Rajahmundry on River GodavariSource: Wiki

The Dowleswaram Barrage was constructed in 1850 by Sir Arthur Cotton. This barrage helped in averting countless famines and stimulated the economy of Andhra Pradesh since its construction.


9. Sir Arthur Cotton Museum Museum for Civil engineering.

Civil engineering Museum Arthur Cotton in RajahmundrySource: Rajahmundry.me

Sir Arthur Cotton Museum located in Dowleswaram beside the barrage is the only Civil Engineering Museum in the state.


10. Host of Godavari Pushkaralu.

Godavari pushkaralu 2015Source: Wikimapia

Rajahmundry is the major host of Godavari Maha Pushkaralu. Godavari Pushkaralu is a sacred Hindu festival held once in every 12 years on the banks of river Godavari.


12. One of the largest cloth  markets in India.

Trisha in Saree At PothysSource: Way To Photo

Cloth market in Rajahmundry is one of the largest in India with numerous co-operative handloom houses. This city is home for the most diverse cloth merchants.


13. One of the largest bullion markets in India.

Bullion MarketsSource: 

Rajahmundry is one of the largest bullion markets in India. There are hundreds of gold, silver and platinum shops throughout the city.