Praveen Galla, the missing student, has been found dead


One week after being reported missing, the 23 year old Telugu student of California State University, Fullerton; Praveen Galla, was found dead at 11.30 am (local time) on Tuesday. His body was found floating about 300 meters from the Newport beach, California.

While the body was found on Tuesday, it took time for the officials to identify the body and confirm that it was Praveen’s.

He was last seen on February 1, when he took an Uber vehicle to his university, according to a missing persons flyer sent out by campus police on Februaru 3.

His roommate; who reported him missing, saidĀ he received a notification on his cellphone that Galla had ‘checked in’ in Newport Beach, and believed the student had taken a bus from Fullerton to the area.

HisĀ reason for going to Newport Beach is not known and according to his friends; he had been depressed for some time before he went missing.

The cause of death is unknown; as the authorities are still waiting for post-mortem report.