Polavaram Will Get Godavari Water Under Pattiseema Project Tomorrow!


The Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Scheme (PLIS) was designed to lift 80 tmc (trillion metric cubic feet) of flood water in a span of 110 days during the flooding season between July and October from Godavari and now, the government of Andhra Pradesh is planning on releasing the Godavari water into the Polavaram Right Main Canal (PRMC) on July 6. The schedule of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu is being looked into and based on his availability, it will be done tomorrow.

The Pattiseema project is designed to divert floodwater from Godavari River at Pattiseema by pumping up the water to PRMC to supply to Krishna Delta.

Aimed at utilising the surplus floodwater of more than 300 TMC which goes into the sea, the PLIS will enable the government to divert 80 TMC of Godavari River water to Krishna River. In fact, this kind of a river-linkage system is the first ever in the country.

In all, 12 pumps have been erected to pump water into the PRMC using 24 motors of 5,300 horsepower (HP) capacity each. Besides irrigating 1.2 lakh acres in Krishna and West Godavari districts, the water released from the project would also stabilise the Krishna Delta.

The trial-run of all the motors was done 10 days ago and official orders are awaited.

A flood water level of 14 m in Godavari is required to pump the water into PRMC but it reached 19 m on Monday afternoon. With the kind of rains in the state now, the water level will cross 20 m in a day or two now, according to the engineers from the PLIS project.