Pokemon Go is The Latest Rage | Here’s How You Play It In India


Social media is now flooded with screenshots of Pokemons in houses, parks, streets and more. In case you are wondering what these creatures of our childhood are doing in real life, it’s this augmented reality game called Pokemon Go, which blurs the already thin line between virtual and real lives. The game topped the charts on the American App store and users now use it more than Tinder.

The makers, however, only released it in a few countries and sadly, Asian countries are not on the list as of now. We’ve done some walking around across some corners of the internet and found a way to install it and play it even in India… Here’s how you do it.

Installing Pokemon Go in India:

1. Go to Settings -> Security menu -> Device administration header. Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option.

After doing this, any Android application package (apk) file which is not available or registered on Google Play, can be installed on your Android device.

2. Open this page on your Android device. Scroll down a little and click on ‘Download APK’
You will see a warning message. Don’t worry, just click OK. The file will then download.

3. Once the download is complete, swipe down on the homescreen to access the notification panel. Tap on the file to install it.

4. After the installation process is over, a shortcut will be automatically added to your phone. Now, just open it and you are all set to play Pokemon Go.

Precaution: Don’t get into accidents and watch where you walk.

Now go Catch’em All!