The Photoshop Sadhu from North. Meet Sawan Madman A.K.A Dhanshu Sadhu.


Everyone of us at some point watched a really good movie and thought that it would be uber cool to share the screen with those larger than life protagonists , fight the baddies and save the day. For majority of us it’ll just be a dream, most of us but not for this man.

Meet Dhansu Sadhu A.K.A “Sawan Madman”


This man is an expert digital artist and a Photoshop yogi who we came across on social media. As the saying goes “No good talent must go unnoticed”We thought to honor his artistry and here we are with some of his fantastic creations.

Do you ever wonder how Cap. Jack Sparrow never loses his way in the sea?
Well, the credit goes to his talented wingman.

Sawan  3

He is so talented that he was infact the master brain behind the Avatar program.

Sawan 4

He’s so brave that, one time he even fought the Decepticons.

Sawan 5

His line of work always involves a little danger.

Sawan 12

Yet, he Never leaves his friends behind,

Sawan 11

He fights beside them,

Sawan 16

Motivates them,

Sawan 10

confronts them in the moments of confusion and anxiety.

Sawan 17

controls them.

Sawan 14

and kick their asses

Sawan 18

when they try silly stuff like this.

Sawan 15

only because a family is a family and he loves his.

Sawan 6

They have their moments of despair,

Sawan 7

But they always stand together.

Sawan 13

In their good times,

Sawan 19

and their hard times.

Sawan 26

Apart from all his badassery and heroics, there is a child in him.

A child who likes picnics ,

Sawan 27

a child who loves occasional cheap thrills,

Sawan 2

a child who adores wheels and road,

Sawan 31

a child who is real possessive about his hot wheels car collection,

Sawan 30

a child who loves occasional chit chat in classroom,

Sawan 25

and playing pranks with his friends during lunch times.

Sawan 22

No wonder everybody loves him 🙂

Sawan 9


Picture credits: Mr. Sawan Madman a.k.a Dhansu Sadhu