Perks of owning a “Royal Enfield- Made like a Gun, Goes like a Bullet”


Thud…thud…thud…thud… thud…..thud….thud…thud… thud…thud…..thud.

If you are the one who own a Royal Enfield, you will very well be identified with this thump and “Bullet” serves as your surname no matter what model of RE you are using…. Bullet Harish, Bullet Yashwanth, Bullet kiran, Bullet Phani…… etc etc…

Most often people who ride a RE get stick to it. The Pleasure of kick starting a 350CC cast iron engine, The Thump, the comfort, the glamour, the glitz, the style….. every RE lover has their own reason to justify their loyalty to this brand.

Initially designed by Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) and acquired by Royal Enfield the Bullet made it way to India back in 1948 and then became synonymous with both the brand of Royal Enfield and Indian Biking.

Heres a list that shows why RE has a irreplaceable place in the face of Indian biking and culture.


1. It is the first face of Indian biking.


Having remained continuously in production since 75 years the Royal Enfield Bullet has the longest production run of any motorcycle in the history.  So, remember this if you are riding an RE, you are experiencing history.

2. Indian Army’s most revered companion.


In 1949 the Indian government ordered 800 350 cc model Bullets for its army and its been a loyal companion for the warriors of India ever since.

3.  Its gratifying thump (engine beat).


The vibrating frame and the thumping engine are as addictive as any recreational drug. Try it,  you will know it.

4. Its a head turner.


No matter where you go, your Enfield never fails to make people notice you. Just saying.

3.  It saves its rider from crashes. 


While the modern bikes come with multi composition alloy Chassis that makes them lighter, faster & more Maneuverable, Royal Enfield relies on good old cast iron Chassis and which although slows it down, keeps it as strong as an OX.  And not to mention, the bull frame crash guard of RE unlike the butter fly or bar ones on other bikes keeps you unhurt during minor crashes.

Have you ever heard of a Enfield’s Chassis being damaged in a accident??
You fall, get up without a scratch, go to your mechanic , get it repaired in an hour. Simple as that!!

4. If you own a Royal Enfield, the mechanic is your best friend.


If you get yourself a good mechanic who understands your enfield you’ll need to meet him once in 2 months, if you don’t it’ll be a weekend date with him every time.

5. Its a Thirsty Beast.


Show me the best drinker the Enfield will put him to shame. Although the fuel efficiency is improved on the recent models to 45 KMPL, many still suffer from it unsatisfying thirst.

6. It feels like riding a Sofa on highways.


Take it for a ride on the highway and you’ll find that despite being not as powerful as the modern bikes, it feels like riding a sofa on the highway. Comfort at its best.

8. In times its like your screaming girlfriend, only less jealous.

If you grew up riding one, it must have been hard for you to take it out in the mid nights without waking your parents. You must’ve  pushed it all way through the end of the street and started it to avoid mess.


9. Its like wine, the older it is the better it gets.



10. Try it off roads, Its like riding a Horse. 


The crude suspension, power deficit thumping engine, Orthodox breaking system, vibrating body, Big foot rests, spread out center of gravity makes it fun off roads.
Fighting for control = FUN.


11. Royal Enfield has a club in every city around the country. 

It is the only bike to have biking/Fan clubs throughout India in every major city.


12. There is always a Family waiting for you and your Royal Enfield. 

The Royal Enfield has its own official riders club and they call themselves family. If you own a Royal Enfield you’ll have your riding family everywhere in India welcoming you.


13.  Its got dedicated Customizers. 


Royal Enfield’s got dedicated customization Shops like Rajputna Customs and RH Customs. Spend a lakh and turn you Enfield into something amazing.


If you own one, cherish it.
If you don’t, Try it.
Its fun, trust me.
We don’t lie at Southreport 😉


Ride Hard!!!


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