Pathankot survivor of 6 bullets is ready to fight again!


A Garud commando Shailabh Gaur took six bullets to his lower abdomen during the Pathankot attacks and kept fighting even after losing 3 litres of blood.

After spending 6 weeks at the Pathankot military hospital, the Commando has recovered completely and is raring to go again.


His unit was flown from Adampur to Pathankot on January 1. The men were split into different groups and tasked with patrolling the air base. “It was around 3.30 am when we were asked to look around the vehicle maintenance area and clear the area,” he recounts.

“We spotted a trail which led us inside the area, terrorists hiding there began firing as the platoon took positions,” he recalls.

Bleeding profusely, he didn’t abandon his post and was rescued an hour later. He managed to prevent the terrorists from moving to the technical area, where the IAF’s fighter jets were kept.


But six weeks later, Corporal Gaur has almost recovered. He would like to return to his unit after a fitness test next week.