Open Letter to KTR, IT Minister of the Youngest State of India with a readymade Megacity as Capital.



Dear KTR, Minister of IT, Telangana State, India, 

Of late, I’ve seen you deliver some lovely speeches; like the wonderful one you delivered when Tim Cook, Apple CEO visited Hyderabad and today I saw another one you delivered at TIE conference in Silicon Valley. I love the way you deliver those speeches.

But, in every speech; you refer to Telangana as “The Youngest State of India” and this statement of yours makes me think and gives rise to a lot of questions…

If Telangana is really the ‘Youngest State’ and the new born state, then

How does it have a Mega Capital ready and operating from day 1?

How does the new state has a Metro-project ready to be launched?

How does it have Microsoft, Google and the IT eco-system in which other tech giants are ready to jump in?

How does it have the world class ISB, IIIT, IIT Hyderabad producing great talents?

How does it have one of the best Airports in the country and amazing road connectivity?

How does it have Surplus, well indeed excess budget ?

Last but definitely not the least, how does the ‘youngest state’ have a mega cyber city fully functioning and generating thousands of crores of taxes for your party to spend on advertising ?

None of these qualities seem to be that of a “New Born State” or “Youngest State of India” and something is definitely wrong here.

I’ll tell you what actually is the youngest state in the country is; a state that the country itself is not ready to help. The worst part of the entire scenario is, the Prime Minister of the country himself is not ready to help the state; only to see the chances of his political party grow in the state.

Mr. KTR, that state is Andhra Pradesh and I have a few more questions; whose answers will perhaps enlighten you as to why Andhra Pradesh is the youngest state in the country.

Why do I have a feeling that Andhra Pradesh is the youngest state that the country has to take care of like a budding plant until it is strong and firm and independent?

Why do I have a feeling that the fact that Andhra Pradesh doesn’t have a capital to function from, makes it the youngest state?

Why do I have a feeling that Andhra Pradesh, whose employees aren’t ready to move to its capital for the lack of facilities and its CM is sleeping in bus and operating from a temporary building is the new state ?

Why do I have a feeling that a state trying hard to build the IIT, IIM and other institutes, for which the funds given by the Government of India for these very institutes won’t even cover the building of boundary walls of the institutes, is the newborn state?

Why do I have a feeling that the state without IT sector, Industries and a state that is in a Budget Crisis every quarter is the new state?

Why do I have a feeling that the state that was deceived by the Govt of India and is struggling to build everything from scratch with the help of Countries around the world while the very own Country is stuck accessing Political Advantages is the “Youngest State”?

My anger is on those claiming the Youngest state tag and the contradictory richness.

My anger is on the Country and its Citizens ignoring the Newborn state and left it to one hard working person with no support within the Country.

Keep giving those great speeches after clarifying on the Youngest State line.


Deceived Indian A.K.A.  Citizen of Andhra Pradesh.

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