These bunch of NRIs gave the Tribal Village a gift that they fell in Love with


‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ is an age old saying that everybody knows but Sneha Hastaalu, an NGO run by NRIs now stands testimony to this saying. Chekkarayibanda is a remote tribal hamlet located in Lambasingi; the nearest school is about 6 kilometers away and the place doesn’t even have a road. Owing to the distance and lack of a road, no parents dare to send their children to school.

When the NGO came to know about it, they got into action mode and decided to go check the place out. Later, they tied up with another NGO, First Step Foundation, that helped with the funding; they also got immense support from the villagers who came forward voluntarily to work on building a school.

The Villagers cleaned up a small piece of Land: 



Young folks in the village came forward to help making the land buildable:


They gathered about 35 kids in the Village who started working as labour at the age of 5 :




Time for making them School Ready:


That’s the only way to reach the Tribal Village:


Everything had to be carried like this from a long distance on foot from the road.


After 3 months of efforts, This cute little school took shape:



GiriMitra Patashala , Lambasingi.  Built in the Swadesh movie style by NRIs.  Yay for them!



Now go back and see the transformation. School time.



The government also extended a helping hand:

The efforts of these NGOs came to the notice of the government; which is now providing groceries for a mid-day meal for all the students of the school making it a complete School.


The NGO has also generated employment in the village by training and appointing one local as a teacher.

Now that’s an inspiring story!

If you are in Lambasingi next time, Trek to this Village and say hi to the Kids. Spend a Weekend Teaching them some cool Science from your laptops.

Wishing these Kids a Bright Future.