Here Is Why You Should Not Buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


We all know the joy of having an iPhone and the excellent performance it offers to it users. With this Apple product having so much craze all around the world, there have always been speculations on whether to buy an iPhone or not. Here’s an overview on why you should not buy the recently launched iPhone 7 and 7 plus:

1. The design is pretty much the same for so many generations. It is not about how better the phone can look than this because iPhones do look very good any day. But a little change to the existing materialistic design is always a good thing for the users.


2. OLED displays are now a rage with Android users getting to experience some amazing screen technology but Apple still doesn’t have it. However, Apple has signed a contract with Samsung for 100 million units of OLED panels that they could use on the iPhones for the coming three years. So a new screen technology can be expected from the next iPhone launch in 2017, which is definitely a good news for Apple users.


3. The AirPods that come along with the box are highly prone to getting lost or misplaced by the users.


4. Apple kicked away the 3.5mm headphone jack to the curb which is definitely a disappointing news for the users since most users rely on smartphones to listen to music and no other headphones can be used in any way with this new iPhone. The smartphone, however, ships with earpods with Lightning connectors and the adapter.


5. The resolution here is still 720p which evidently shows not much of a significant improvement over the previous generations.


6. The AirPods are only accessible for 5 hours which is the maximum run time after a full charge. Not a lot of users will want to charge them every time they have to play some music.


7. Though the company claims that these iPhones have the longest ever battery, there is not much significant change from the previous versions because it is just 2-3 hours more for iPhone 7 and an hour more for the iPhone 7 plus.


8. Apple has never revealed the RAM capacity for their phones and as always, there has been no official news from the company on this. However, a a report in Forbes suggests that iPhone 7 features 2GB of RAM. If it is true, this means that the handset has not received any bump in RAM capacity.