Ek Chennaikaaran Meets Oru Mumbaikar. The battle of the South & the North.


There is a never ending conflict between the cultures of Northern India and Southern India. The North Indians think they add cool factor to the counrty while the South Indians think they are responsible for the Intellegent quotient of  India 😀
While the majority of the North Indians never try competing ot comparing themselves to South Indians, there are these Mumbaikaars who define themselves as north Indians and try to compete with their southers counterparts on every aspect. The South Indians jokingly say that Mumbai is located in the southern 50% of the Indian geography which technically makes the Mumbaikaars SOUTH INDIANS.

Trust me, this fun never ends. So, this video demonstrates what happens when the so called north meets the so called south 😀

The ending is super fun 😀

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