Mizoram Will Follow AP’s Strategy for Faster, Cheaper Internet


Andhra Pradesh’s fiber grid is the cheapest internet system in the world and it was achieved by using several innovative hacks. Now, the Mizoram government is planning on implementing a same system to offer fast internet at a low price.

Mizoram’s ICT Minister Lal Thanzara, in a meeting with the chief minister and other ministers regarding this, said that a way is being sought to follow the model of Andhra Pradesh which has successfully used its Andhra Pradesh Fiber Grid system.

As Mizoram State has now agreed to carry out Bharat Net-II project, a successful project is expected to be carried out with central assistance and in cooperation with Andhra Pradesh State Fibernet Limited (APSFL), he added.

Officials from the ICT department of Mizoram spent some time studying the Andhra Pradesh Fiber Grid project in May and a software firm is now in talks with the ministry officials; to implement the same system in Mizoram.

In Andhra Pradesh, the project was ready in March and steps are now being taken to cover the entire State. One can avail a 15 MbPS service by just paying Rs. 149 a month. And soon, AP will be the first in the country to introduce internet phone service.