Microsoft Develops Farming App for Farmers in Andhra Pradesh


Now even farming in Andhra Pradesh goes High-Tech as the state Government and ICRISAT, have partnered with Microsoft and have developed a new sowing application that will help farmers achieve optimal harvests by advising on the best time to sow crops depending on weather conditions, soil and other indicators.

These applications are expected to help farmers cope with the climate change and bring radical improvements for small-holder farmers in the state. In the pilot that has been recently launched, information will be sent to farmers about the sowing date via SMS in Telugu.

The Sowing App and Personalized Village Advisory Dashboard are developed to provide powerful cloud-based predictive analytics to empower farmers with crucial information and insights to help reduce crop failures and increase yield, in turn, reducing stress and generating better income

Utilizing powerful artificial intelligence to interface with weather forecasting models provided by US-based aWhere Inc. and extensive data including rainfall over the last 45 years as well as 10 years of groundnut sowing progress data for Kurnool district

This data is then downscaled to build predictability and guide farmers to pick the ideal sowing week. When combined with other data collected from the Rythu Kosam project, it can create rich datasets that can be processed to build predictive models for the farmers.

Data collected manually from farms in 13 districts of the state by ICRISAT field officers for Rythu Kosam has been uploaded to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Using powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tools, this dashboard provides important insights around soil health, fertilizer recommendations, and seven days’ weather forecast derived from the world’s best available weather observations systems and global forecast models

This data is then downscaled for the highest possible accuracy at the village level, to transform how small holder farmers tackle climate change to drive effective decision-making