Major Salary Hike on the cards for Telangana MLAs and MLCs


In what seems like a really funny but unnecessary move, the government of Telangana has put forth a proposal to hike the salaries of the state’s legislators (MLAs and MLCs).

They seem to have been inspired by the Delhi government; which gave a steep salary hike for all of its legislators.

The legislators now get a salary of Rs. 95,000 per month and the proposed new salary is Rs. 3,00,000 per month. Apparently, the salary they are  drawing now is not sufficient for them to meet their expenses; as an MLA has to tour villages, mandals and his constituency apart from making rounds of the capital city of Hyderabad. This is in addition to taking care of party activists, leaders, paying for transportation charges and also at times bear the expenditure of their gunmen, drivers and personal assistants.

Officials said the issue had to be discussed by Amenities Committee headed by the Assembly speaker and an amendment had to be made to existing law for increasing salaries.

This move, according to one prominent member of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, will reduce corruption as a proper salary will ensure they are happy.

As to how ‘a proper’ salary can be figured out for these people will eternally remain a mystery!