Baahubali piracy CD played

Baahubali piracy CD played in a NATIONAL TRAVELS bus. Lets share this till it reaches the anti piracy authorities.



One of our readers has sent us a story concerning moive – Baahubali. Along with it was a video and it unfolded a shocking act. An act of a Baahubali piracy CD played in a NATIONAL TRAVELS bus was caught on camera.

So lets know what exactly happened. Mr. Pavan Kumar was to leave for Bangalore on his next flight. Unfortunately, he missed it and had to stay in Pune for a while. Although, he was lucky to get a bus ticket from the NATIONAL TRAVELS to finish his journey.

As he entered, to his horror he realized that they were playing a pirated print of Baahubali Movie in Hindi. This was on 11th of July, right after the day of Baahubali release.

As soon as I got into the bus I was shocked. I felt bad and got emotional about the Baahubali piracy CD played in the bus. That’s the reason why I thought of posting it here and let the others know about this.

– says Pavan.

The video shown above, which had a Baahubali piracy CD played in a bus, has been shot by Mr. Pavan Kumar during the bus journey. The video clearly shows it and is good enough for a proof. Here are the details of the bus:

Travels Name : National(A/C Multi axle)
From : Pune
To : Bangalore
Journey Date : 12.07.2015
Bus Reg Num : KA 01 AA 9663

It is sad to see the hard work of Baahubali crew being wasted like this. Lets share this story until it finds its way to the people who have the authority to take a legal action.

The link of the original post is attached here.