Kondaveeti Vagu Lift Pumping Scheme, the Super Project that makes Amaravati City Flood Free.


The Kondaveeti Vagu aka Kondaveedu stream, is a stream that originates in the Kondaveedu hill range and drains in the Krishna river near Undavalli. The quiet flowing drain turns into a powerful stream when water from medium drains including Ayanna Vagu, Pottela Vagu, Pala Vagu etc, flow into it. During monsoons, the heavy inflow of water in this stream floods Tadikonda, Amaravati and Mangalagiri mandals.

The water from the stream also floods the areas in the Amaravati capital city if there is an existing flood in Prakasam barrage.

All you need to know about Kondaveeti Vagu Lift Pumping Scheme:

  • This is meant to divert the water to prevent inundation of hundreds of acres of fertile lands during flash floods.
  • This project also prevents the flooding of some areas of Amaravati city during monsoons.
  • It was initiated in 2015 when there was a proposal to build a reservoir to tap the flood water.
  • The lift pumping plan was proposed in March 2015 and tenders for that were called for in 2016.
  • Hyderabad based Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd., (MEIL) has taken up this project at a cost of Rs. 222.24 crores.
  • The project works started in May 2017.

  • It will lift 0.5 TMC of water at a rate of 5250 cusecs with the help of 16 heavy duty motors and pumps.
  • The project will divert the water into the Krishna Western Main Canal, also known as Buckingham Canal.
  • The project was a challenging one because the project site is surrounded by water on three sides by Krishna River, Buckingham Canal and Kondaveeti Vaagu.
  • 25 heavy duty motors were used to pump out the water from the ground nearby to construct this.
  • Under this scheme MEIL has erected a pump house, discharge point, regulator, a sub-station and power transmission lines.
  • The pumphouse has 16 pumps, each with a capacity to pump out water at a rate of 350 cusecs.
  • The discharge point of the project was built at a height of 23 feet so as not to cause any trouble in the event of heavy floods to Krishna River.
  • The open area near the discharge point has been beautified and visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Krishna River from there.

Unlike the other cities in India like Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc that flood for pretty much every major rain, Amaravati despite being right on the river front of a major river is will now avoid flooding because of this project.