10 things about Madurai you must know.


For those of you out there who think that Madurai is just a town famous for a temple, boy, you are in for a surprise. let’s take a look at this city!

1. The Meenakshi temple (So obvious).

1200px-India_-_Madurai_temple_-_0781Source: Wiki

How can we not start with this relic? The city of madurai is basically built around the temple. the city is structured in the form of lotus, with the temple in the centre and the streets forming concentric circles around it.


2. The fish market that functions all night.

fishSource: Flickr

Madurai’s fish market is one of the reasons which makes the city special. over the last 100 years, vendors from the neighbouring big cities buy stock from Madurai’s fish market.


3.Gandhi museum.

Gandhi Musuem entranceSource: Flickr

This isn’t just another shrine for Gandhiji. It is a museum in Mudurai which has Gandhiji’s clothes he wore on the last day of his life. The museum displays this.


4.The best Arabian/Indian jasmine is produced in Madurai.

maduraiSource: Flickr

Mallepuvvu in Telugu and Maaligai in Tamil.
Madurai is one of the best producers of this lovely flower.


5. A green place, despite being a city.

madurai fieldsSource: Flickr

According to recent statistics, Madurai is the least polluted city in Tamil Nadu. The greenery is the obvious explanation.


6. Jallikattu (a bull taming sport).

jalli kattuSource: Flickr

Jallikattu is a bull taming sport which takes place during the Pongal celebrations in the month of January. A specific breed of bull is bred for this occasion.


7. Meenakshi Thirukalyanam.

madurai nandiSource: Flickr

During the month of May or April, a festival called Meenakshi Thirukalyanam is celebrated for a period of 10 days. it is the biggest festival in the city. It has more than 1 million visitors every year.


8. Thoonga Nagaram.

madurai bridgeSource: Flickr

Thoonga Nagaram, translates to the phrase ‘the city that never sleeps’, is just another name for Madurai.

9. Thirumalai Nayak Palace.

madurai palaceSource: Flickr

This massive palace is a hybrid of Dravidian and Islamic styled architecture. Thirumalai nayak’s palace, which now is just a quarter of its initial grandeur, is still a sight to be cherished.


10. Dravidian art

maduraiSource: Flickr

Madurai is the hub of Dravidian art and culture not only in Tamil Nadu but all over South India.

Southie : Akshay Kolli