17 things you must know about Chennai.



One of the most famous cities of South India. A lot of things come to your mind when you hear its name. Some remember it as one of the hottest and most humid cities while for others remember it for its scrumptious food and its friendly locals. A tough place to exist for some,  heaven and freedom for others. Keeping all this aside Chennai is doubtlessly one of the most important cities of India. Here are a few facts about this amazing city you need to know.

1. It was earlier known as Madrasapatnam.


An 18th-century portrait depicting Fort St. George, the first major British settlement in India

2. Marina Beach of Chennai  the second longest beach in the world at 13 km length.

Marina BeachSourceWiki

3. The M.A.Chidambaram Stadium, set up in 1916, is one of the oldest in India.

M.A.Chidambaram StadiumSourceWiki

The first ever match of the Ranji Trophy was held on 4 November 1934 between Madras and Mysore was held here.

By the way, Sachin Tendulkar has scored more runs in this stadium than any other venue in India with 876 runs in nine Tests at an average of 87.60 😉

4. It has one of the oldest engineering and medical colleges in the world.

Guindy collegeSourceWiki

College of Engineering, Guindy was established in 1794 by British colonialists as School of Survey, this institution is the oldest engineering school in India and is currently a constituent college of Anna University, Chennai.

5. The Vandalur Zoo in Chennai was the first in India and one of the largest in South Asia.

chennai zooSourceFlickr

It was set up in 1855 and is the first public zoo in India. Its Spread over an area of 12490 acres with a rescue and rehabilitation center and hosts 2553 species of flora and fauna, 1500 wild species, 46 endangered species, 63 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians, 25 species of fishes, and 10 species of insects in the park.

6. Chennai is the second leading exporter of information technology after Banglore.

Tidel ParkSource

7. Chennai is the birth place of South Indian cinema.


The first Tamil talkie Kalidas was released on 31 of October 1931, barely 7 months after India’s first talking picture Alam Ara.

8. Nataraja Mudaliar also established South India’s first film studio in Madras.


9. The TIDEL Park, an IT Park in Chennai, is one of the largest IT Parks in Asia.


Inaugurated on 4th of July 2000, it was build with a budget of 338 crore Rupees and has an area of 1,280,000 sq ft. It hosts more than 30 software, telecommunications and BPO companies.

10. Chennai was ranked No. 1 in Health facilities in Health facilities in 2003.


11. It’s the automobile hub of India.


The Royal Enfield factory, Skoda factory, Ford factory, Mahindra & Mahindra factory, Hyundai …. you name it. Seven of the 20 top global auto makers have their factories in Chennai.

One reason it is called the Detroit of India.

12. The Anna Centenary Library is the largest in Asia.

Chennai librarySourceWiki

Built at a cost of ₹172 crores, The monthly  average number of people who visited the library is a whooping 20,000!!

13. Chennai was ranked best city to live in in 2003.


14. Chennai has been most frequently voted one of the safest cities to live in India.


Thanks to the amazing local people.

15. It has one of the best planned public transport systems in India.

Chennai TrainSourceWiki

3 lines of EMU local trains, 1 line of MTS local train spanning across 194 KMS, plus an additional express line that’s connected to airport, and then the prepaid cabs and public CNG buses. Enough?

16. Chennai’s two wheeler population ranks in the top three in South Asia.


Chennai’s vehicle population has been accelerating steadily from six lakh in 1992, to 13 lakh in 2001 and 36.4 lakh now. Daily, about 1,500 new vehicles hit the roads, and more than 75% of them are two-wheelers.

17. Chennai is India’s fourth largest city in terms of space.


Standing at 426 km², no wonder.