Interesting Facts To Know About Air India One | India’s Premier Aircraft


Air India One, also referred to as AI-1[1] or AIC001, is the call sign of any aircraft with either the Prime Minister and President of India on-board. These Aircrafts are operated by IAF (Indian Air Force). Here’s taking a look at interesting facts about it…

1. The aircraft that is now being operated as Air India One is Boeing 747-800; divided into three sections with the first class meant for Ministers and senior officials in the lower deck followed by the VVIP’s cabin. The upper deck has space for the senior officials of the Ministry of External Affairs and the Prime Minister’s secretariat.


2. The plane is configured with a VVIP setting that includes, a conference room, satellite phones, fax, internet and other necessities, making it a complete office-in-the-sky.


3. It has an automated flight management system that facilitates a wide range of internal tasks, thereby reducing the workload of the flight crew.


4. Guests are served with a gourmet meal according to their personal choices. Sources say that PM Modi prefers a simple vegetarian meal with fruits and some warm water when he is fasting. No alcohol is served in the Air India One.


5. The radar receiver systems warn about the incoming missiles and activate the best possible counter maneuvers in addition to Flares and Chaff. The plane also has other sophisticated security and weapon systems.


6. In the entire detail for VVIP flying, there is also a standby Boeing 747 plane, four Embraer 135 aircrafts, three Boeing business jets to cater to domestic and nearby country visits.


7. There is a panel of eight pilots who are always prepared to fly the VVIP anywhere across the world. There is also a doctor and medical emergency equipment on board to attend to any emergency in the flight.


8. Once the configuration of the plane is complete, personnel from the SPG perform all types of security and anti-sabotage checks. Aspects like fuel and water levels are also thoroughly scanned before they are filled.


9. The flight is constantly monitored from the Air Force station in Palam, a suburb in South West Delhi.


10. The Indian defence ministry has placed an order for a modern Boeing 777-300, replacing the existing Boeing 747-400. The Boeing 777-300 will be inducted into the detail by the end of 2016.