India’s First Smart Electric Scooter launched in Bangalore


Bengaluru-based startup, Ather Energy, has unveiled what is calls ‘India’s first smart scooter’ at the ongoing two-day Surge conference.

Ather Energy was created by two IIT graduates, Tarun Mehta & Swapnil Jain. The S340 is what you would call a smart scooter. Touchscreen dashboard, remote application control, light-sensing headlamps and over the air updates is something that is not even present on cars in India currently and have now made an appearance on a scooter.


The co-founders believe that this space is ripe for disruption, as locally available electric-scooters lack either the speed or the smarts, with a majority of them running on lead-acid batteries.

“Typically we have electric scooters which have a top speed of 25-40kmph, they have poor acceleration, and a battery life of 5,000-6,000 kilometres, and a 6-8 hour charging time. Unlike these, our scooter doesn’t feel like a step down from a petrol scooter,” Tarun Mehta said.

The company raised $1 million (roughly Rs. 6.3 crores) in a seed funding round led by Flipkart founders led by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal.

Ather Energy’s S340 Features

1. Touchscreen dashboard with 24*7 connectivity
2. Onboard navigation
3. Range of 60 km in single charge
4. 80% charge in one hour
5. Top speed of 72 kmph
6. 15 patent applications filed
7. Manufacturing in Bangalore, Karnataka
8. Online-only sales model
9. Doorstep delivery and service

The company hasn’t yet announced the price of S340 yet.