Amazing Facts about Indian Navy that will make you feel Super Proud.


The Indian navy is one of the powerful force of Indian armed forces. It is the bone of Indian Defence Forces which guards oceans and seas. As time flew ,it became the seventh largest naval force of  the world in terms of power and strength. Here are some amazing facts about Indian Navy,that will give you a closer view of our Indian Navy’s horizon

1. World’s most ancient naval base.

when did it all start? have you ever thought? answers can be 1000 years or so,but our Indian navy first took breath approximately 7600 years ago



2. First Dock dates back to 2300 BC.

The first tidal dock was built at Lothal, Gujarat during Indus valley civilization around 2300 BC.



3. We got rid off the Royal British Tag.

In 1934 ,the navy was renamed as the Royal Indian Navy. World war -II has  played a key role in expansion of the Navy in terms of vessels and personnels.


4. When India became republic.

On 26th of January 1950,the Royal prefix dropped and the name Indian Navy was finally adopted . Prefixs on ships changed to INS(Indian Navy Ships).


5. The first victory.

The first action of indian Navy was against portuguese Navy during the liberation of Goa in 1961.

Alize taking off from INS Vikrant-747898Sourcebp.blogspot

6. The big day against Pakistan.

December 4? why not some other day? well,on december 4,The Indian Navy launched operation trident and attacked the Pakistan naval head quaters in karachi. sinking a minesweeper ,a destroyer and an ammunition supply ship.


7. Not just oceans, Navy reaches the heights and places unexplored before.

Indian Navy have successfully did ski traverse to geographic poles and became first to reach poles and Mount Everest in 1965.


8. Early bird.

The first aircraft carrier of Indian Navy was INS Vikraant.


9. INS Viraat – Our HERO.

INS Viraat :centaur class aircraft carrier has been in service since 1987.


10. The Vertical take offs.

The HMS Harriers (airplanes on INS VIRAAT) are one of its kind, which have the ability of vertical landing and take-off.


11. Wondering, what is HMS?

HMS stood for His/Her Majesty’s Ship.



12. A museum one of its kind.

Currently at the ship museum at dock of  Mumbai is INS Vikrant ,a classic carrier, was first aircraft of India in service from 1961 to 1997.


13. Ussain Bolt of the Fleet.

Indian Navy’s INS Prahar is the fastest missile boat in the world.



14. The actual stats are never out.

can we guess what’s the strength ? well it stands up to 58,350 active personnel 181 ships and 213 air crafts. huge,I say


15. We are second powerful.

Indian Navy is the only Navy after US, to have more than one aircraft carrier.


16. Not just large.

The largest naval academy in Asia,INS Zamorin at Ezhimala is operated by the Indian Navy.Naval_Academy_EzhimalaSourcemarinebuzz

17. Our super heroes.

Marcosis is the special commando force raised by the Indian Navy for country -terrorism ,direct action and rescue missions. Now helping Chennai in floods.


18. Indian Navy has a Bird flying up high in the Orbit.

Indian Navy has its own satellite….. yes, you read it right.


19. US is our friend here in Navy.

For the First time ever the US will be assisting India in joint development of aircraft carriers for the Indian Navy.


20. Somethings are just meant to stay.

The rank of ‘Admiral of the fleet’ exists in Indian navy ,but it is primarily intended for major wartime use and honour. No officer of the Indian navy has yet been cinferred this rank. strange huh?


21. We are one of the top 5.

In terms of fire power and personnel strength Indian Navy ranks 5th in the world.


22. We are growing Stronger each year.

The Indian navy will acquire at least five ships every year for the next ten years.


23. The Bigger the better.

The Indian navy is upgrading it’s fleet with stealth ships such as kamorta class cruisers and Visakhapatnam class destroyers.



24. INS Vishakapatnam and INS Kochi.

India is set to experience superior strength at sea with its newly acquired INS Visakhapatnam and INS Kochi, which are the first in its class of stealth guided missile destroyers and also the biggest that the Indian Navy will own till date.


25. The Indian Navy Day.

The Navy day is celebrated every year with pride and demonstrations.

People watching navy day on beach

well readers, Indian navy’s facts are as deep as ocean and vast like it. we can go on writing about. so here we wrap it up for 25 of them.