Is India really Intolerant? or is the media spicing up things?


If there’s one word that’s been hyped, overused and abused by Indian media from the past few months, it is “Intolerance”. It’s been turned into such a big issue that even those who didn’t know this word before or didn’t know English before; now know this word. We all know how media and broadcast agencies work, they pick up a hot topic, add flavour to it and just make a series of news items on it; projecting it in a way that is best for their popularity; without any actual focus on solving the issue or contributing towards the solutions.

Each year, there was something that was highlighted; like in 2013, it was the petrol prices and bad governance; in 2014 when the government changed it focused on digging Gujarat riots and in 2015 it was something else and most recently it’s the topic of intolerance.

If you see the pattern, it focuses only on extensively over reporting the issue, conducting debates and of course milking on ad revenue while nobody decides to work on a  solution.

Now, Let us examine and ask ourselves this.

“Is India really intolerant?”

Yep, we people are so intolerant that we celebrate our cricket wins together.

muslim hindu

SourceKommuri Srinivas – Hindu

That was a muslim organization doing their share of contribution at the very recent Godavari pushkaralu @Rajahmundry – 2015.

pushkaram 2SourceFacebook

Mumbai Ganapathi Procession – 2015. Very Intolerant!!

muslim hindu2SourceTwitter

Muslim parents marry Hindu daughter to Hindu groom

muslim hindu7SourceIndiaToday

Chennai floods 2015, Saved by a Muslim man, couple names daughter after him.


Muslims help Kashmiri Pandits to perform pooja – 2013.

muslim hindu8

Just a month before our media learned the word “Intolerence” we’ve seen a news of Hindus extend helping hand for Muslim Girl’s marriage.


Hindus help Muslims restore damaged mosque.

muslim hindu6SourceIBN live

Hindus extend helping hand for Muslim Girl’s marriage, Dadri -2015.

Muslim group cleans flood hit temples, Chennai – 2015.

muslim hindu07SourceThe Hindu

Hindu Family saves lives of 70 Muslim neighbors during a community roit @Bihar


SourceHindustan times

Muslims couple adopt Hindu twins after they lose their parents in a flight accident, 2015.

muslim hindu007Sourcenewsworld

Remember when this made rounds in social media?

muslim hindu3

That’s an abandoned Muslim boy raised by a Hindu man who in turn was an orphan before being adopted by a Muslim man.

Yep, thats a Muslim devotee donating a vegetable truck to the Tirupathi temple.

Muslim man helps perform last rites of Hindu friend – 2015.

muslim hindu01SourceStorypick

Muslims donate land for construction of world’s largest temple in Bihar.



Hindu couple marries off adopted daughter according to muslim tradition – 2014.


In the age of mobile technology we are being exposed to a lot of different versions and what the truth is; is rarely known. Add a little exaggeration from the media and a little generalization/judgement from us (India’s favourite pass-time after cricket) and it goes a long way; literally turning a mountain into a mole-hill.

So, the next time you look at the news and wonder if India is really intolerant, the best thing you can do is observe your experience and do not let the news influence & cloud your judgement. Ask yourself have I ever been a victim of intolerence? Have I even seen any such occurrence in the society surrounding me?


Take the words Hindu and Muslim out of the equation all the good you see is just people helping people through good deeds so the the bad. Yes, these are just the quintessential traits of the individual personalities and religion is just a mask. Religion might have never aided in the progress of technology but neither did it ask people to pursue abhorrent endeavors on its name.