Hyderabad Public School Begumpet

10 amazing things about Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet



Sitaaron se aage jahaan aur bhi hai, abhi ishq ke imtehan aur bhi hai, tu shaheen hai parwaaz hai kaam tera, tere saamne aasma aur bhi hai

Something that all the students of Hyderabad Public School standby to.

Amazing things to know about Hyderabad Public School:

1. The sense of royalty.

Hyderabad Public School BegumpetSource: HPS Website

Established in 1923, it was first the Jagirdar’s College and was opened exclusively for the sons of jagirdars and aristocrats. In 1950, when the Jagirdari System was abolished, the school was made open to everyone. And it eventually became a co-educational school and remains to be the most prestigious school one can find. With its enormous pearl white domes and minars, and a tinge of nizami-ness, The Hyderabad Public School definitely has a sense of royalty to it.

 2. It’s larger than the Vatican City!

Hyderabad Public School BegumpetSource: Wiki

A 169 acre campus is definitely hard to beat. Oh yes, it’s bigger than the Vatican City. Need I say more?


3. The Food *slurp*

Hyderabad Public School BegumpetSource: Flickr

The tastiest cutlets on Friday, Biryani on Thursday, Chicken and Aloo 65 on Wednesday were cherries on the top to the daily regular menu! And also the infamous food combinations only eagles know – bread and sambar, bread and cutlet. The curry-puffs, hot coconut biscuits, the tastiest milk, freshly baked sponge cakes and the sandwiches with mint chutney, pumped us up before our games hour!

4. The Air shows! Yes, you heard that right.

Hyderabad Public School BegumpetSource: Youtube

Hyderabad Public School is located right behind the former Hyderabad Airport. Thus, the students are lucky enough to get the best tickets in the house for the amazing air shows that take place.  Either by sitting in the back field or by climbing onto the highest rock in our very own rock garden!

5. The Alumni.

Hyderabad Public School BegumpetSource: Techloy

Notable alumni like Satya Nadella- CEO of Microsoft Corporation, Kiran Kumar Reddy – 16th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, T.K.Kurein – CEO Wipro, famous celebrities like Ram Charan, Nagarjuna, etc. Oh Yes, H.P.S. produce the best of the best.

6. Those Reunions.

Hyderabad Public School BegumpetSource: Youtube

H.P.S. conducts its yearly reunions in December (24th,25th and 26th) where you meet and catch up with old classmates and teachers. You get to eat the tastiest food which you grew up eating in the school. You also get to roam around the roads and classes that you once called home. All this happens during a beautiful December night. Used to call home? No. It’s always our home. And to top it all off and for the extra kick of nostalgia, H.P.S also conducts the morning assembly in that chilly night!

7. The Chipmunk.

Hyderabad Public School BegumpetSource: Youtube

H.P.S is also home to a World War II relic, the Chipmunk, a trainer aircraft during the time!

8. Broadway musicals.

Hyderabad Public School BegumpetSource: Youtube

Apart from having four bands, one for each house, H.P.S has also staged classic broadway musicals such as The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady and The Fiddler on the roof!

9. House loyalties.

Hyderabad Public School BegumpetSource: Youtube

If you were once a student of H.P.S, twenty years down the lane you bump into an old school friend, chances are you will address them as “Eh, blues!” or reds or greens  or yellows. This sentence will make a perfect sense to a fellow eagle!

School loyalty and house loyalty is seen the most in Eagles!

10. Sports : Where Eagles Soar

received_10152962350761022SourceKishor Krishnamoorthi

Boasting with 7 full length football fields, a hockey field,  3 basketball courts, a proper cricket ground with its own stadium, finest tennis courts, volleyball and throw-ball courts and a 400m 8 lane athletic track, H.P.S defines sporting excellence not only in the facilities, but also in her students.

Here’s a bird eye view of Hyderabad Public School shot by a 8th grade kid:

Southie : Medha Muralidhar