Headline Makers and the Human Right activists Magically Disappear when our Soldiers get Killed?!


We are ordinary people,
our emotions rule most of our acts and we Indians have a reputation of being kind hearted and compassionate. When a Australian cricket player died we all prayed for the strength of his family and conveyed our condolences.

When terrorist attacked a Pakistani school we all paid our tribute and shared lot of photos social media.

When a earth quake hit Nepal we prayed for their dead and aided the survived.

Unfortunately when it comes to our own soldiers our media  left them in a grey area. Last Thursday our 18 soldiers paid off there life for our country when they are fighting against terrorist  and many of us are not even aware of it.
Not a single Head line in news papers , no proper tribute thanks to our wonderful media busy making news on celebrity cleavages and  Honey Singh songs.
Now, Let us pray for those courageous souls

the lionhearted sons of mother India

Brothers in arms and the real superheroes

RIP our brave brothers,

We love you.

These were men in uniform who sacrificed their lives defended the nation on borders to keep us safe .

They were returning home at 9 to see their dear ones after months of separation while this happened. It is over 3 days now now and no human rights champion has stood for them or seen advocating the withdrawal of AFSPA on TV.

RIP the brave Hearts of Dogra.

We salute them and at the same time urge Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji to strictly Go all out offensive against these terrorists. No mercy !!

List of Army personal who died and sacrificed their life for Country in Manipur:

soldier 3

Graphic and Extreme Patriotic content. Viewer discretion advised.

soldier 1
soldier 2

soldier 4

Your sacrifice will be remembered brothers. Jai Hind.

image source: Indian Express

content source: facebook.