10 Reasons Why Kerala Truly is God’s Own Country.


Kerala is that part of India where the loud bustle and rapid pace of the nation gets traded for a slice of earthly tranquility. The National Geographic’s Traveller magazine names Kerala as one among the “10 paradises on the world” and “50 must-see destinations of a lifetime”. Over the years Kerala has made the catchy slogan “God’s own Country”, every bit its own and its not hard to see why.

Here’s looking at what truly makes Kerala live up to this tagline:

1. The unique geography


Kerala’s lush evergreen glow is characteristic of its unique geography. Nestled in the midst of the Arabian sea on one side and majestic western ghats on the other, Kerala fetches itself the rich gift of the monsoon showers thus becoming an emerald beauty adorned by never ending stretches of coconut palms and sprawling paddy fields. Kerala’s wondrous destinations are uniquely spaced so close to each other that one can be atop a hill station by noon, and at a beach for the sunset.

2. The climate


The unique geography influenced by the mountains and the sea also calls for a highly equable climate throughout the year. However each season provides its own unique experience of Kerala and the rainy monsoons are an exceptional natural treat.

3. The rich culture


The colorful festivals, cultural traditions, rich folklore and performing arts unique to Kerala provide for another great area of interest for the curious souls. A healthy synthesis of Aryan, Dravidian and foreign influences mixed and matched over thousands of years has helped develop a culture so very unique to itself.

4. The sandy beaches


Kerala is home to some of India’s finest beaches. The lengthy coastline featuring pretty palm fringed beaches with rocky forelands invites in a great number of tourists seeking a calm, captivating experience every year.

5. The hill stations


Kerala’s long chain of mist clad hill stations lets you experience nature in all its magical, virginal beauty. The cool mountain air, velvet lawns, diverse exotic wildlife and breathtaking scenery all converge to provide the traveler a mesmerizing experience in the windy.

6. The serene back waters


While one can come across beaches and hill station in several other states of India, the backwaters are unique only to Kerala. Housed in the immensely beautiful Alappuzha district, the backwaters offer the perfect idyllic and scenic getaway. Travelling on a traditional houseboat one can enjoy the beauty of the backwaters in all its majestic labyrinthine glory, while making way through beautiful little towns and villages.


7. The forests and national parks


Kerala’s ecotourism destinations include 12 wildlife sanctuaries and two national parks: They are noted for their high diversity of wildlife and well preserved natural beauty. The Periyar Tiger Reserve with its splendid artificial lake offers one among the charming and memorable look at the wild from up close.


8. The local cuisines


If you find yourself in Kerala be ready to pamper your tummy for it gives a unique, overwhelming culinary experience like no other! Kerala has been famous for its rich variety of culinary spices for over a millennia. The cuisine has a multitude of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes including seafood. The moplah cuisine of Malabar and the Syrian Christian cuisine show diverse influences ranging from Arabian to Portuguese.The sumptuous Sadhya served on a banana leaf followed by payasam is the traditional favourite!


9. The developed tourism sector


Kerala’s tourist sector has always been a source of pride for the Malayali, with well developed infrastructure and a strong media presence keeping with international standards. It also leaves the traveler spoilt for choice with offshoots like Ayurveda centric health tourism, eco adventure tourism and spice tourism.Kerala is also well connected to the outer world thanks to three international airport and one sea port.

10. The people


The collectivist predisposition of the Keralite is well known and it has remained so since ancient times. There is a great emphasis on social equality, spirit of brotherhood, religious tolerance and collective growth in the society. Boasting a high Human Development Index and literacy rate, the average Malayali can heartily converse with the foreign tourist in English, even though it usually comes with a thick accent 😉


Southie : Ajith.