13 facts you should know about the Godavari Pushkaralu.


1. Only 12 rivers in India have pushkarams celebrated.


Pushkaram is a festival of rivers that is applicable only to the 12 important rivers in India  which occurs once in 12 years for each river. The rivers Ganga, Narmada, Saraswathi, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna,  Kaveri, Tambrapani, Brahmaputhra, Tungabhadra, Indus, and Pranahita are the privileged rivers.


2. One of the 12 Rivers gets Pushkarams over the 12 year cycle and then the cycle repeats.


Goddess Godavari Statue at Vasista Ferry Point in Narsapur

The river for which the Pushkarams are celebrated each year is  based on the presence of Jupiter on the relevant Zodiac sign. The pushkaram lasts  for a period during which the Jupiter remains in that particular Zodiac sign.

3. It is River Godavari Pushkaralu  this year.


This year, its is the time for River Godavari to celebrate pushkaralu. The main idea of Godavari pushkaralu is that taking a dip in the holy water of Godavari during this time will relieve them from all their sins. pilgrims from all over the country will take part in this festival and perform rituals to departed souls.

The Scientific reason is that the rivers should also be treated as Gods and have to keep them clean so that the living doesn’t get effected.


4. Gods come down to take a Holy Dip.


It is believed that during the pushkaram time the Godavari water possesses holy powers and taking a holy dip in this water will enhance one’s spiritual, mental and physical abilities. Its is also said that Gods come down to take bath in the holy river during the Pushkarams.

5. The Pushkaralu are celebrated for 24 days.8518058428_fc9d23d512_bSource

The first 12 days period is called Aadhi pushkaram and the last 12 days period is called Anthya pushkaram.

6. Godavari has many temple towns on its bank.


Basara in Adilabad district, kalaiswaram, Dharmapuri in karimnagar district,Badrachalam in khammam district, Rajahmundry, Antharvedi in East godavari district, kovvur,pattiseema in west godavari district are some places that are on the banks of Godavari which celebrate the pushkaralu religiously.

The Pushkaralu festival witnesses people from all over the country hailing from different religions gather at one place showing the unity in diversity of India.


7. A large number of piligrims visit these places during pushkarams.


In the year 2003 over two crores pilgrims have attended the Pushkarams in Rajahmundry and Basara Gnana sarasawathi temple of located on the banks of river Godavari .

8. The giant Sivalingam.siva


The giant Sivalingam of Rajahmundry built during the last pushkarams in 2003 is a special attraction for the Pushkaralu. Water is drawn from Godavari river to the Sivalingam and the Pilgrims are facilitated to take bath under showers.

9. The special trains.


Godavari  also has another name called Gowthami. The South central Railway in India has introduced two trains exclusively to facilitate the pushkaralu, namely “Godavari Express” and “Gowthami Express” and they will travel across Godavari river, crossing the river between Rajahmundry and Kuvvuru.
Rajamundry also has a smaller Station called ” Godavari ” which is right at the banks of River Godavari.

10.  Godavari railway station.


Goutami Express route map

There is also a Railway Station Named “Godavari Railway Station ” in Rajahmundry which is exists in the proximity of River Godavari.  During pushkaram’s south central railway will make special arrangements at Godavari railway station so as to deal with heavy rush of pilgrims.

11.  Those iconic bridges.


 There are two railway bridges on the river of Godavari to facilitate the festival. One being road cum rail bridge and the other being a traditional railway bridge.

12. The colossal budget.

A budget of Rs 100 crore has been specially allocated for the pushkaralu of 2015 by the Andhra pradesh government. If needed common good fund of temples will also be utilised as the government is taking it prestigious.

13. This year’s Predictions.


Over 60 lakh devotees are expected to arrive in Rajahmundry just from Andhra Pradesh & Telangana states and the total count including people from other parts of the country is expected to touch 4-5 Crores.
Don’t Miss the Godavari Maha Pushkaralu.!