Godavari District People, The Unsung Heroes of Godavari Pushkaralu.


Godavari pushkaralu are coming to a successful completion, Crores of people turned out at Godavari Pushkaralu in Telugu States, The governments did a great job in making the arrangements for the Pilgrims, but handling crores of people and their needs isn’t possible for any government and in these times come out those Unsung Heroes who come Volunteer and add their small and big bits contributing to the Big Cause.

One thing that everyone visiting Pushkaralu were talking about, the Love and Service volunteered by East and West Godavari District People.

We wanted to honour the people who took the kind step to help the Biggest People’s gathering of South India become a success.


1. Manikanta digital labs distributed breakfast for the pilgrims.

pushkaram 1SourceFacebook

2. Free Milk and Tea from Raghavendra finance group.

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3. A group of youngsters serving water and buttermilk the thirsty pilgrims.

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4. These people served Tomato bath for a 1000 pilgrims.

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5. The power of social media.

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“About an hour ago somebody posted about this old lady who lost her people and sitting near Vysya bank since the day before. One of the page viewer’s Mr.Ananth Sharma has seen the post and informed to the people who were related to the old lady. Her grandson came to the spot and took her. Rajahmundry residents Mr. Rajgopal garu and Mr. Shabbir garu who’s a shop owner near vysya bank were d ones who took care of her meanwhile. Kudos to their good hearts.” – Our Rajahmundry Facebook Page.

We thanks the  “OUR RAJAHMUNDRY” facebook page   and other social media pages for playing a crucial role in helping the pilgrims and spreading goodwill.

6. Random residents of Rajahmundry doing their part.

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7. Doing what they can on a bike.

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8. The Jain Sangham served food to 5000 people everyday right from the start of Pushkaralu.

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9. Mini autos from govt where buses cant reach.!


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10. Telugu Desam Party Volunteers doing their part.

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11. Volutneers helping the hard working police.

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12. With kilometers of Traffic jam people are facing dehydration being struck in traffic, the folks from Nissan Kantipudi got an opportunity to serve people and they left no chance.

13. West Godavari rice mill association serving food to thousands since the first day.

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The mega kitchen of West Godavari rice mill association.

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14. Jamate Islami Hind distributing food packets.

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We used to read that India is a land of unity in diversity, well, this is it 🙂

15. Here is one more muslim organization helping their Hindu brothers with.

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These are just a few from the Thousands of wonderful people from Godavari Districts who made their Home, a Home for Crores and won a place in their Hearts.

Salute to them.!

We at Southreport take a Huge bow to all these amazing people. There are no barriers for humanity, it comes in all shapes, sizes, religions and social sects. These people proved it. These are the people who make this world a better place and we are lucky to have them with us.