20 Things to know about Godavari Maha Pushkaralu 2015.


1. The word “Pushkaram”  translates to 12 years i.e, a festival celebrated every 12 years.

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2. Celebrated across 12 rivers and each river is associated with a zodiac sign.

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3. The Much awaited Godavari Maha Pushkaralu 2015  starts on 14th of July 2015 and is celebrated until 25th of July 2015.

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4. The Maha Pushkaram occurs once every 144 years.

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2015 it is being celebrated as “Maha Pushkaram”, as such an event occurs once in 144 years. It is called Maha Pushkaram as it is the 12th time the 12 year Pushkaram cycle is being held starting with Ashadha month on Chaturdashi (thithi) (14th day).


5. The next Maha Pushkaram will be held in 2159. So yeah, Don’t miss this one.!

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6. The best places to visit during Godavari Pushkarams.

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Triambak and Nashik in Maharastra,

Dharmapuri, Kaleshwaram, Basara and Bhadrachalam in Telangana State

Rajahmundry, Narasapuram, Kovvur and Antharvedi in Andhra Pradesh State.

7. The river hosts some of the most Powerful Temples on its bank.

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The origin of Godavari is at Trayambak which is a Jyothirlinga Temple, and then River flows around various temples like Basara Gnana Saraswati temple where the goddess was made by Vyasa Maharshi, then comes the Famous Badrachalam Sri Rama Temple and merges into sea at Antharvedi, a place of Lord Narsimha.

8. In the year 2003 over 2 Crore Pilgrims have attended the Pushkarams in Rajahmundry and Basara Gnana sarasawathi temples located on the banks of river Godavari .

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9. 7 crore people are estimated this year.

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Rajamundry City and Godavari Districts are expecting an estimated visitors of 3 Crores during the pushkarams. The total estimate would be 7 crore pilgrims throughout the banks of Godavari.

10. The Great Sivalingam of Rajahmundry.


rajamundry ghat

The Maha Siva Lingam Built during the 2003 Godavari Pushkaralu at Rajamundry is a special attraction. The water from River Godavari is poured on the Shiva Lingam which come down through sprinklers facilitating pilgrims to take bath with the holy water.

11. Godavari has two trains named after it,  the “Godavari Express” and “Gowthami Express”. It also has a railway station on its name.

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12. Godavari has two districts named named after it, the East Godavari and the West Godavari.



13. Government of AP spent 1500 crores and Government of Telangana spent around 600 Crores to make all the arrangements for Godavari Pushkaralu.

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14. India’s Largest Bathing Ghat.

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Koti Lingala Ghat at Rajamundry is the Lengthiest Ghat on River Godavari which is more than a Kilometer Long (1045 Mts).

15. National Geographic Channel in support with Govt of AP is going to film entire Godavari Pushkarams and telecast all over the world.

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16. Godavari River Water can be Shipped to home Online.

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Cant make it to Godavari Pushkaralu.? You can buy packaged Godavari Water at the nearest Post Offices or order online at www.appost.in/eshop.

17. Special Trains and Flights.

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Indian Railways is running Special Trains to Rajamundry and Spice Jet and Jet Airways are introducing an additional flight from Hyderabad to Rajamundry. A whole new Regional Air Lines is starting their First Operations by a flight to Rajamundry.

18. The City Buses are all FREE during Pushkarams in Rajamundry City.

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The APSRTC would operate 1,500 special buses to transport pilgrims from across the state, 300 city buses would also be pressed into service to ferry them to various places in the city free of cost during the Pushkarams.

19. A Total of 69 in Telangana and 250 Pushkar Ghats in Andhra Pradesh ready to serve Pilgrims.

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20. Godavari Akhanda Harathi.

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Govt of Andhra Pradesh started Godavari Akhanda Harathi at Rajamundry this month inline with the Ganga Aarthi which happens everyday in the evening at sunset. This is a must witness event.

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